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when I was young, I used to believe that like in toy story the toys lived and there was a big dinosaur in my parents room so i was afraid to go in

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i used to believe that when i fell asleep or went out of my room my barbie's would move and talk to each other...like they had their own world. And i also used to believe that we were barbie's that heaven could play with.

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When I was little I watched the Exorcist. It scared me so bad that I didn't finish watching it. The next year my older brother told me that my Molly the Dolly was the girl from it. After that I put her in the closet for a few days. Then I thought "What if that makes her mad?" & did everything I could to make her happy for about 6 months.

I'm 14 now & just finished watching it last night. Now I feel slightly dumb. I just told him & the rest of the family how traumatized I was.

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When I was in the 2nd grade, I slept over my schoolmate's house one night. Well, I had brought my dolly over, and as we laid on the bed, she said, "I hope you are not going to sleep with your dolly."
I asked why, and she said, "Because she could turn alive, get a knife from the kitchen and kill you."
As a result, I had a hard time to sleep with my dollies at night after that.

Scared silly.
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Somebody submitted something similar, but I always believed my stuffed animals were alive and I would make sure to give them all equal attention so that they don't think I love one more than the other. If I stepped on one by accident, I would apologize and hug it. I still think this way and I apologize to my stuffed animals...

I apologized to other inanimate objects too, like in grammar school there were coat racks to hang up our coats and backpacks and sometimes I would accidentally knock someone else's backpack down and I would apologize to the backpack. I still do this sometimes too...I just feel like everything has life and can feel.

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When I was 6 I had a yellow stuffed dog named Toby. Well, he was more of a dog-bear mixed breed, kind of like the piano playing dog on the Muppet Show. Anyway, I thought that if I put a leash on him and dragged him around, people would believe he was real! I was always amazed at how at easily adults could be fooled. People would always stop and pet him, and call him "a well-behaved dog." This went on for about two years until the bandages would no longer hold his poor paws together. Poor Toby, he had a grand funeral.

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top belief!

I thought Santa was going to be sent to jail for stealing gifts from Toys R Us.

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I used to believe (and still do to a point) that my stuffed animals were alive in a way; that they had feelings. If I were to roll over on the teddybear that I slept with, I would apologize to it....and I gave all my stuffed animals pats on the heads and make sure they weren't mad at me (for fear that they would hurt or kill me while I was sleeping). I would also talk to my teddybear at night; he kept all my secrets. The dolls in my room freaked me out too--I imagined I could just see them moving out of the corner of my eye, and they would stare at me constantly. There was also something under my bed that if I did not leap onto my bed it would grab my ankle and drag me under the bed. I was a very imaginative and paranoid child....and still am to a point.

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I once saw a movie in where a doll turned evil and would start glowing its eyes red and try to killl you, it was really creepy and i couldnt ever look atr my toys or my action figures again without thinking theyd kill me. This lead to a dream where toys of the kids show Barny(the big poofy purple dinosaur)
and others were dancing in front of my bed, and when I would try to run out of them room one jumped at me from the door knob I was soooo freaked out by this!!

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When I was little, I was deathly afraid of the Velveteen Rabbit for some reason. My grandma had gotten me one of those book-and-tape sets of the story for my birthday, and even though I loved it and listened to it all day long, by the time I went to bed I had completely changed my mind. I somehow became convinced that the book had some kind of magic power that would make my stuffed animals come to life like the Velveteen Rabbit, and that the animals would be mean and try to "get" me while I was asleep. I cried for like twenty minutes while my mom tried to calm me down, but I would not be consoled until she promised to get rid of the book the next morning, because of course I would be safe as long as it wasn't in the house.

A few years later, my parents gave me a Velveteen Rabbit videotape for Easter, and by then I was okay with it. Guess maybe I just wasn't ready for it that first time!

Evil Bunnies!
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I believed for a very long time that my Barbies would wait until I left the room to get up play about by themselves. I would open the door really fast , and swear that I caught a glimpse of them moving .I made frequent spying attempts under the door, through the closet door handles, and into boxes. I thought this from the ages of about 6 to 10

erika 24
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I had the game Jamungi when I was little, and also saw the movie, where the kids start playing and get sucked into the game. So I was scared that if i played that game the hippos were going to go after me and I would get sucked into the game. But I decided to play it anyway, one day with my older brother and his friend. Then I got scared to death because I was about to lose and wanted to quit but they told me if I quit I would get sucked into the game and would never be able to get out! I'll be remembering this when I give my brother his christmas present this year.

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When I was about Kindergarten age, my parents gave me this wonder horse. This is a large, toy horse mounted to a frame with springs, and you could ride/bounce up and down on it. My bedroom was upstairs, and it had a huge walk-in closet that my parents used for my play room. They kept the horse in there with the rest of my toys. During the daytime, they could never get me off of that horse because I loved it so much. However.... At night it was a totally different story. At night, if I forgot to close the closet door, I would watched in horror as that wonder horse would start to glow, and somehow turn into a real horse! The horse would gett off of its springs, trot out of the closet and circle my room a few times, making a loud clomp clomp clomp. It would sometimes come over to my bed and flash its teeth at me, then it would trot back into the closet and back onto the frame. I was horrified! This would happen night after night if I forgot to close my closet door. My parents tried moving that wonder horse downstairs to the family room, but darned if that thing didn't trot up those stairs every night and come after me! Nothing, but nothing I told my parents would convince them that that horse was real, and would come to life every night and try to get me! What's weird is I loved riding that horse in the daytime, but at night I was absolutely terrified! Finally my parents had had enough of my night terrors, and with the advice of the pediatrician or child psychologist, they destroyed that wonder horse one afternoon on our back porch. They did this in front of me. After that, I never had anymore problems, the horse was gone for good. Nobody really knows why I was traumatised by that horse every night, or why I'm the only one who ever saw or heard it come to life. I guess I was a very insecure little kid back then, I dunno. I'm 40 years old now, and I can still clearly remember seeing a real horse trotting around my room.

Tom M.
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When I was a kid I used to believe my stuffed animals had feelings. I had about 200 so everyday I spent about 2 hours talking to each and every one of them and asking them how they were, if they were hungry or sad, ect. Also, they all had birthdays, and their was one birthday every day. So I had a stuffed animal birthday party every day where we would dance around and play truth or dare.

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I used to believe that all my stuff animals had feelings. I would have to talk to them equally and say sorry to them if i knocked them over and stuff like that. Also i thought if i made a nest in my bed and surrounded it with my stuffed animals, i thought i would hatch into my twin. (I thought that was why there were twins ha ha ha) i was disapointed when it didn't work.

I miss my nest- Taylor
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Call this obsessive compulsive disorder if you will, but I used to think that if you twisted the arm/head/whatever of a toy all the way around, you'd have to twist it back the same number of times, back to how it was before, or else that toy would be in silent agony.

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My grandparents had a deck of cards for playing pinochle...somehow I imagined that pinochle must be some kind of cross between Pinocchio and pumpernickel.

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When I was younger, my Dad would tell me as we walked through a store that if I didn't pet a stuffed animal, it would get its feelings hurt, so I'd have to touch every stuffed animal I saw. I still have to do this, and I'm 19 and in university. Also, if someone says that the stuffed animal is ugly, it makes me cry. This happened less than a year ago when I was shopping with my roommates. And I always had to get the stuffed animal that I thought no one else would want, the one that was a little injured, because I didn't want it to feel like no one loved it. I still don't know what happens to them when no one buys them. It really makes me sad, writing this now, to think of unwanted stuffed animals. Thanks Dad, for dementing me!

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I used to believe when I was a child as long as you don´t let the toys sleep in your bed (because it is warm there), they will die till the morning

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When I was about 4 or 5 and Jumanji was popular, there was a Jumanji believed it possessed the same powers as the game in the movie, since it was exactly the same. Although the movie and the game's powers in the movie were very scary, I thought it would be cool to own a magical object, so I wanted to buy it, but my parents didn't want to. I got over that quickly, though.

Zathura has the same thing. Merchandising these days!
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