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I was scared to go in the living room at night because the grand piano looked like a monster with legs and long teeth.

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When I was a 5 or 6 year old, I was scared of going to the pond. Wanna know why? Because one time when I was at the pond with my babysitter, I tried to pick the lilies in the water.

My babysitter told me that if you pick the waterlilies, a hairy monster with glowing eyes was going to rise out of the pond, and drown me into the water. I was so scared that i never went to the pond for many years, fearing that the "pond monster" was going to drown me. Then after my parents found out, my babysitter never babysat me again.

To this day I have no idea why she told me that..

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There used to be these realistic plastic toy horses by a company called Breyer that little girls loved to collect. My friend Mary was convinced that her Breyer horses had souls and would move around and do stuff when we were out of the room.One day she left a pen and paper and asked the horses to write a message. Later, we found strange markings on the paper, like another language, and it gave us both chills.We were absolute believers!Years later, her brother admitted he had written the mysterious message. Mary was very hurt though she was in her 20's.I think this experience had been very real and special to her, and he ruined the magic.

The horse reader
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When i was 5 or 6, i had a nightmare where i was in the bathroom without the lights on. I heard noise coming from the bathtub curtain and i got scared so i tried to get out but the door was locked and i saw a vampire jump out of the bathtub and he pushed me against the wall and his face got closer to me and i woke up screaming.

My parents put a night light in the bathroom so i could see without turning the lights on but i was still scared of the vampire in the bathtub. So every night, i would wake my parents up and tell them to look behind the bathtub curtain to make sure there are no vampires so i can pee without them jumping out and scaring me. They kept telling me that there's no such thing as vampires but i didn't believe them.

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When I was about 10 years old, I had an imaginary friend. His name was Eleven while my (nick)name was Nineteen (my favorite number back then). We often made bets like "I bet [insert name] will be at school today". When it was true, I scored, but when it was false, Eleven scored instead. I think I was even keeping track of our scores.
Later, we (me and Eleven) found two more friends: Fifteen, and Ten.Fifteen scored when the bet was half true and half false (since 15 is half-way between 11 and 19).Ten scored when the bet was neither true or false or completely unclear.

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Because I believed that my childhood home was haunted, I would never sleep alone... So I slept in my mom's bed until we moved out.

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Ok, when I was seven I started to see "Alex". First I say his dog. Then when I was eight I saw him. He had a black hat on and dark brown trousers with a black jacket. When I was eleven I was in tescos and my mum was in the video Isle when I saw a film called the Martian. The guy on the box looked like Alex. That's weird I though. I said to mum, hey mum, that film looks good, she ended up buying it and we watched it that night with my siblings. When I was nearly thirteen I saw him standind in my bedroom door at midnight, only he had taken his hat off. Please talk to me. He said. Who are you I said. I want you to leave me alone! I said as I got up and sat on my bed. He walked in to my room and pushed me back down on to my bed and wouldn't let me get up. He held me down and I shouted at him loudly. Then he got in to the bed and I was just about to slap him round the face when I heard my mum get up. I stayed still and he still held me tight. I was getting very angry. When mum was back in bed he got on top of me and I tried to kick him. I don't remember any more than that. I dont see him often anymore, but I hear his voice in my head.

Clara Ashwood
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A friend of mine told his niece about "Sister". A girl who shows up in your bedroom at night. He told his niece that if she sees her to throw a blanket over her and run to her parent bedroom and tell them. Needless to say his sister and brother-in-law were awakened several times in the middle of the night.

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when I was little I believed that if I put a white stone under the pillow with my tooth I make more money

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When I believed that if I sleep with my feet out of my bed a bad ghost would take me away.

Daiana Moura
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