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When I was little I found a price tag from a store I knew on a present that Santa had left for me,since I knew that elves made all the toys I went to my mother and asked her why.She told me that sometimes Santa goes to the store to get the gifts the elves can't make,this sounded logical to a small child so whenever I saw an older man with a beard or a little person in a store I would think it was Santa or an elf getting all the gifts they couldn't make . I would walk up to them and give them a knowing look, usually they smiled and just thought I was an odd kid but I thought they were giving me a secret look like they knew I knew who they were.....

odd kid
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When I was 3 or 4 Santa came to my best friend.s house on Xmas Eve. She live right behind us. My dad told me (when I asked about why she got her presents on the 24th and I had to wait till morning) He said that Santa started his "run" at her house and then went all the way around the world and ended up at our house,Christmas morning. It made sense to me!!

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I hate Santa Claws. I always thought he was some fat leprechaun-like demon who came into your house at night on Christmas eve. I always locked my bedroom door or slept with my parents until i found out through an older friend he didnt exist. I still hate Santa Claws.

T. Castanet
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After I discovered the "truth" about Santa Claus, Dad used to tell me that my presents were really hidden under my bed and that if I went to look for them, they would all disappear. I just couldn't stand it so one year I sneaked a look. Of course there were no presents. I thought all my Christmas gifts were gone forever! Dad let me cry for a good half hour before he fessed up and told me the truth. I can't wait to pull this one on my sister's kids...or my neighbor's kids...or random kids I see on the street...

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For most of my life, my houses never had chimneys. I asked my brother How Santa Claus would get into our house.(i was 7). He said that Santa walks through walls. I didn't really believe that. But what made me believe, is that on Christmas Day, I saw a crack in the wall tht i never noticed before!

Chomby (again
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when i was little and naughty around christmas time my mum would say...'right im phoninf santas little fairy to tell her about it' and one night she actually picked up the phone and because i new her tricks i didnt believe her. and she was talkin and i laughed because i thought she was talkin to herself then she handed me the phone and i sweet voice said hello and i started crying becuase i thought it was the fairy...but it was my nan pretending! and my grandad used to pretend to be santa!

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As a child, around christmas time, my parents and older siblings had what they called "elf eyes". This gave them the power to see Santa's elfs that were stationed around the house to make sure we were acting properly. They would even go as far as to discuss the clothing the elves were wearing. Once I learned the truth about Santa, I got my "elf eyes" and was allowed to make up all the stuff I wanted to taunt my younger sister with. I can't wait to start this tradition with my kids.

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I believed that I was the smartest five-year old because I knew that Santa was real and the Easter Bunny was fake!

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My grandfather used to be a mall santa in Brasil, and quite famous actually in the town he was from. So each year around December in his town, it would be a whole deal when Christmastime began, bc they would transport my grandfather by helicopter to the mall where many fans awaited his arrival before he took his place in the mall. There were often newspaper clippings and such about him as well. His birthday was properly December 25th as well. (or at least I still believe that? i should check with mom again!)

Either way, I believed for many years that my grandfather was the one and only real Santa, and that he travelled the world over by the helicopter, and had keys to everyone's houses, including ours. All those other mall santas and such were just helpers and that the whole reindeer bit was just bc it sounded cool but everyone knows reindeer can't fly.
I also used to kindly explain to everyone at school that Santa was actually my grandfather and the whole deal.

Anyhow... upon discovering all my presents in my parents room unwrapped before christmas as a kid, i asked my mom for the hard truth, especially hearing kids at school begin to say santa doesn't exist. and i found out and i cried and cried.

Oh well... If I can't be related to Santa, at least I was related to someone people thought of as Santa. and that's pretty cool :)

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When I was little I asked my korean mother what santa was bringing me, she stared me straight in the eyes and say "Santa Claus? He is Dead."
I used to think Santa was a creepy ghost

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I always believed in Santa until I was probably about seven. I only found out because "Santa" had brought me Spanish Monopoly. And my mom conveniently had the charge receipt to do the return at KMart. Suspicious? I think so! It still took me a couple of intense question and answer sessions with my mom before I could fully accept the fact that SHE bought the game and that Santa wasn't real.

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WhenI was five i believed in santa claus. So that year i sat in front of my door (we didnt have a fire place) and waited for santa. all of a sudden bam a door hit me, i cried, and santa picked me up?

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When I was in 4th grade, I started to get a little suspicious about "Santa Claus". I was really curious and smart...I always had questions and my mom and step dad always made up silly answers. So On Christmas 2001, I asked my mom for a scooter...when she told me that she couldn't afford it my dreams were crushed. So I wrote a letter to "Santa" telling him about my scooter troubles and put it with his cookies and the reigndeer's carrots on Christmas Eve. The next morning...what do ya know? I got my scooter....but being as curious as I was I noticed a lot of clues that told me there was no Santa. First of all...I got a note back from "Santa", but the handwriting was just like my step dad's (CLUE 1) My mom's excuse was that all men have the same handwriting! (PSh, yeah sure!) I also noticed that the wrapping paper for my scooter was just like wrapping paper for presents given to me by my mom (CLUE 2) My mom's excuse was that "Santa" uses the same paper to confuse me! (Uh..huh...) And then....The box my scooter came in Said SEARS On the side....(CLUE 3)...when I asked my mom what that was about she said...."Well sometimes Santa sneaks in to Sears after they close...or he sends his elves down..because he doesn't have time to make scooters for all of the children!" And last of all..The signature on the note from "Santa" Was differant then the signature on the notes on my presents from "Santa". (CLUE 4) My Mom said that Santa had one of his elves write it for him!

I can't believe I believed those lies. :-) HAHA

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Children are normally told that Santa won't turn up if you don't go to sleep, but I had the idea that he would turn up, and find you awake, and not give you any presents!

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since I used to belive in Santa claus, I thought that he would kill you if you woke up at midnight and saw the bag of presents.

unknown name
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umhhh...still remember when i was young, i used to beileve in santa claus...every christmas eve, i will countlessly remind my mum and dad to wake me up before dawn or when santa comes, with the hope that i'll get to see santa...but well haha my parents will just reply me the next morning that santa had come and go while i was asleep...even giving me a peck on my cheek before he went...well as expected of all children, i continued asking my parents when did santa come?, why didn't u people wake me up?, what did he do at our house etc.... In the end, I found out that the so called "SANTA" in my innocent mind then...haha was actually my dearest mum and dad!

tHe LiTtLe iNnOcEnT gIrL thEn
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When I was around 5 I was conviced I seen the ghost of Saint Nick peeking around the corner of my bedroom door. I never forgot that image. I became so terrifed that my mother had to eventially tell me there was no Santa.

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top belief!

Around Christmas, when I was misbehaving, my mom always told me that Santa might be listening, so we went to the door and knocked and said "Santa are you here?" and if there was a knock in return, Santa was spying... Oh the shame when I found out who was REALLY knocking all those years. LOL.

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i used 2 believe that when i went 2 sleep i would somehow hear santas reindeer on my roof!

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We were living in an apartment, and since most apartments don't have chimenys, I asked my mom how Santa got into our house at Christmas and she said that he came through the key hole in out front door!! So one Christmas night while I was wondering how the hell big-ass Santa got through something as small as a keyhole, I heard someone at the door. (With my mother supposedly in bed, but snuck out without my knowing) I thought this was Santa doing his rounds and was about to come through the keyhole! It had to be 1:00 in the morning, and being 8, I sort of got scared. I looked out the window, and saw a black Santa. i had never seen a black santa but he was still a santa!! Thinking fast, I stuffed two toothpicks in the keyhole so that he couldn't get through, and told him to leave my presents at the door. Little did I know that it was my next door nieghbor dressed up as santa, and some of my mom's friends that were going to have a late-night party were waiting in the cold, locked outside because of the toothpicks! With no onw able to open the door, Christmas became an attemp to get poor crying and humiliated me out of the house with the freezing adults outside. When I told my mom everything, I found out at an early age that there was no such thing as Santa!

Damn Toothpicks
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