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Bloody Mary

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My friend told me the story of "Bloody Mary" and i wouldn't go into a room that had a mirror with the lights out for months. She kept telling me the story over and over. But I always tyied to act tough and I would say that I didn't believe her. But she always siad that one of her friends had try it and has scars to prove its real.

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Once, I was at a sleepover and it was real late at night. A few of my friends decided to do "Bloody Mary" so we waited until twelve to do it. So my friend that was having the sleepover went and got a candle and the five of us piled into her bathroom. We all already had closed our eyes and started to spin around as say "bloody mary" three times. After the third time we opened our eyes and we saw red glowing eyes in the mirror and what looked like a lady with long black hair in the mirror. We ran out of the bathroom screaming our heads off. Later we found out that her brother had overheard us talking about doing bloody mary and he went a nd got this motion light thing he had, a manican head thing, and a long black wig. What he had did was he set up the motion light to turn on when we walked into the bathroom and he had put the wig on the head. we were so mad at him and we didn't sleep for the rest of the night. he did that when we were twelve but we were still so scared.

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my friend believed in Bloody Mary so we went into a dark bathroom and she said Bloody Mary three times.......(my hand was on the light switch incase one of us got really scared) sooo since nothing happened she tappped on the mirror and said "Bloody Marey are you there?" when she finished saying that I flickered the lights quickly and she screamed, ran out of the bathroom and pee'd in her pants a little

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I went to my cousins house for a sleepover with her and her best friend when I was 8. Her friend told me that if you said, 'Bloody Mary I killed your baby,' 5 times in a pitch black room holding a single candle while staring into a mirror, BM would appear and try to kill you. My cousin had long, black hair and pale skin, so when me and her friend tried the ritual in her closet, she opened the door and walked in, with red finger nail polish spread on her white nightgown. Her friend dropped on the floor and started crying. I did that and wet my pants. I WAS 8! When I found out it was her I was SO ticked off........ I'm still afraid of her closet though. :)

Scared Silly
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Once I was hangin out
Watching TV
and a bloody mary special came on TV
so I watched and my brother said ''Hey Rose I bet your scared! I dare you to say it!'
As being older I didnt eally think much of it being true so I said ''Okay whatever fine''
So I went in the bathroom flicked off the lights and said it ''Bloody mary bloody mary bloody mary!''
Nothing happened
Untill the next morning
There was blood coming from my eyes
and the mirror on my door was reflecting bloody mary black dress black hair no eyes right? I screamed!! But My brother had put fake blood on my eyes and took my black dress and put ot on a a chair with a mirror so the mirror reflected it with my old black wig and a fake head with fake bloody sockets for eyes it was madd scary
My brother was laguhing after .

Rosie Lee Krastanov
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There was a game that the girls I knew used to play, called "I believe in Mary Worth." If you repeated that line 50 times in front of a mirror in a darkened room, 'Mary Worth' was supposed to leap out of the glass and cut you to ribbons. Attempting this was supposed to prove your bravery, although noone seemed to get past 49 invocations.
I always thought this reffered to the comic strip dowager, which added a really baffling element to the ritual. (Why would a kindly old lady want to cut me up for believing in her??)

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when I was about 5 or 6 my older cousin first told me about bloody mary. She told me that if u go into the bathroom and spin around 3 times while saying her name she would come out of the mirror and be either holding a bloody knife or her dead baby daughter. If holding the knife she would automatically kill u. If holding the baby she would give it to u and u were to hold it, and if it awoke and started to cry she would still kill u. Since I was young, I wanted to do it really bad, just so I'd look cool to my cousin and her friends. I went in the bathroom alone {because she said it doesn't work with more than 1 person} and did everything she said to do. Then after a 1minute or so, I swear I saw a faint glowing green light coming from the corner of the mirror and when I saw that I went screaming out of the bathroom. Unfornately for me I was at day care and the babies were asleep and I happened to wake them up. Boy was I in trouble! Since then I can never trust my coucin again.

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My friends told me about B.M. in 2nd grade. They said she had a whole family and that Bm and the rest of her gang chased my friends (they were neighbors) and i believed them. But I know Bm isnt real but just to be on the safe side i close my bathroom door everynight, cover my mirror in my room, and sleep with 2 nightlights on my tv on... Im 11!

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I learned the myth of Blood Mary when I was around 7 or 8. I had heard that if you scratch a mirror in the bathroom three times at the same time as chanting her name three times, she would come out of the mirror or the toilet or the sink and kill you with a rusty old knife. One of my childhood friends (now one of the most annoying "popular" people in highschool) and I went into the bathroom in the elementary school (we were at the After School Program), and we did it. Nothing happened.

Although nothing happened, I was afraid of bathroom for about a year or so, so I'd run away from it as fast I could after slamming the door. This subsided quickly once my mother told me I wasn't going to die from "Bloody Mary."

This fear of anything that can hold water was re-instated after I saw 'The Grudge' in theaters. My friends didn't help very much. Similar to the first fear, this one gradually subsided over a year's time.

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When I was younger I used to believe that if you went into a room with a mirror at midnight, stared in the mirror, and said "I do believe in Bloody Mary" three times, Bloody Mary would appear in the mirror and then reach out to try and grab or kill you.
For years I thought it was true, but now realize it's just a superstition, although I probably won't do it(Just incase, haha).

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At a sleep over, my friend Becca told me the tale of bloody mary. I had to belive her; she was older than me! She stood outside the door and I said, "Bloody Mary, I hath killed your child" I herd a deep womans voice say, "Hath killed my child?! YOUR LIFE I SHALL TAKE! YOUR LIMBS I WILL BREAK!!!!" I ran out the door screaming. When I ran into Becca, she said, "Dude, it was just mom. There's no bloody mary" From now on, my bathroom door is wide open and ALL lights are on when I use the bathroom.

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When I was young one of my best friends told me the bloody mary story at church on wensday one night and so when ever I was in the church alone I could never go into that room alone and I thought that she lived in there when all the lights were off.

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i used to believe(this was like 1 year ago) that if you said blood mary 3 times at 6 oclock infront of the mirror with the light trned out that you would die that night (i dont know if its true)

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when i was in like 1st grade, i heard from a bunch of (to me) godly 4th graders, that if you went into the bathroom at midnight and said "bloody mary" three times into the mirror, she would appear, i was so freaked, that i still never go to the bathroom in the middle of the night....

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I used to believe this about bloody mary,

bloody marry was a 18th or 19th century woman who lived with her husband and 2 children. Then, one day, someone came and killed her husband, and 2 children. She was upset about her husband and 1 child, but she especially loved her baby. She eventually went crazy looking for the culprit, and she died, now if you stood in front of a mirror in a pitch black room and chanted, bloody mary i killed your baby, she will come out of the mirror with a knife and stab you to death. My brother is 15 years older than me, and he always got a kick out of teasing me. One day, he took me into his room at night in the basement and told me that bloody mary lived in his mirror and if I was in here by myself, she would kill me. I didn't go to his room for another 2 years! yeah, I was like 7.....

stupid, gullible child
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when I was little everybody in our school spun round in a mirror saying bloody mary bloody mary so i did it a million times thinking you would showed round mary mary qwite contarys garden someone told me she woud kill you i was frieked

rosie metzner
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When I was younger, I heard that if you said 'Bloody Mary, I killed your baby' in front of a mirror while it was dark, Mary would lock the door, and the mirror would smash. I was so convinced that Bloody Mary could do this anyway, so I used to leave her little sympathy cards by the bathroom mirror.
Incendently, my mother used to call her Bloody Maria...

Sorry for your loss. - Erika.
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I found out about The Bloody Mary horror legend a few years ago. I heard that when you chanted her name three times she would come out of a mirror and kill you or scratch you. Well I got it into my head that if you think about her, and chant her name in your head she will also come for you. Then I thought, If she can come out of a mirror, She would also be able to come out of every refelctive surface. I have to cover my eyes away from my TV screen and my Computer screen at night now.

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I used to be afraid that "Bloody Mary" would appear in the mirror at midnight. So I would stay up until midnight, staring at the mirror and afraid she would appear, but then I guess I always got tired and fell asleep soon afterwards.

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I was so certain of the bloody mary myth that at a sleep over when I was 8 I refused to go in the bathroom w/the other girls to conjure her up. I was afraid she was real, I'd see her, and she would stab me to death.

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