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Bloody Mary

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I was so certain of the bloody mary myth that at a sleep over when I was 8 I refused to go in the bathroom w/the other girls to conjure her up. I was afraid she was real, I'd see her, and she would stab me to death.

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I heard the story of blood mary just after my 15th birthday. So I wanted to try it out but got scared. I convinced one of my friends to do it first and nothing happened. So I went to try it. As soon as I finished saying Bloody Mary I felt a cold breeze coem through my window. I screamed and ran for the door but tripped. I still won't go in a bathroom alone.

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I used to think that if you flushed the toilet 3 times that "bloody Mary" would come out of the mirror, but like 2 years ago me and my cousin tried it, and know I know it's not true.

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I had quite a large belief about BM. I learnt it when I was twelve.

I heard that at midnight, you must go into a darkened bathroom with a candle, and chant "Bloody Mary" three times, she will first descend from a staircase from inside the mirror-world, in an old-fashioned room. She will lean out of the mirrow to try to claw you to death, and to take your face as her own. The only way to keep her from clawing your face was to get either salt or sand, and draw a circle around your body beforehand, and to use your candle to defend yourself. If you do, she will retreat back into the mirror-world, but she would appear in refective surfaces for the rest of your life.

Javan Tiger
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ok the stroy i heard of bloddy mary was in history class in like 7thn grade-Mary was The queen of England way back in like the 1500's and she was Catholic I thinka dn if you werent Catholic she would kill you by either having your head chopped of or burn you at the stake. So all the other people who werent Catholic were killed But she gave the people a chance to renounce thier faith and becaome catholic then she would spare you and you would live.
I am still scared of looking in the mirror 3 times and saying Bloddy Mary at midnight-I'm 15 -yes
kinda wimpy like I'll say it 2 times then stop-haha

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i went to school one day and we were talking about the bloody mary story. we thought if we did it we could prove it wrong.so we had a sleep over at my house that weekend and i went into the bathroom turned off all the lights looked into the mirror and said bloody mary 3 times ans then thought i dont want 2 die so i said it one more time. this was our counter curse i guess you could call it to stop her coming out. i was so scared and told the rest that i did it but then ran away from her.

scared to death
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when i was 10, i was sleeping over at my friends for her birthday, 3 of us went into the bathroom, switched the lights off and chanted 'bloody mary' 3 times then we all felt a tap on our left shoulder turned back and.......... NO-ONE WAS THERE!!!
next morning we were getting dressed and the three of us that went into the bathroom the previous night we all had IDENTICAL SCRATCHES on our backs in the shape of something like a 'M' to this day we never know what happened!!!

Sara, UK
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When I was 11 I was at a slumber party ( On hallo'een, you know, buncha giggly girls...) and we all gathered in a circle and told scary stories. Later, some of the girls went into the bathroom to play the 'Bloody Mary' game and they didn't come back for a long time! A lot of the shy girls at the party were freaking out because they were gone for almost half an hour! We heard footsteps (We were in the attic room, it was my friend's playroom) and then we saw a pale girl with what looked like blood on her face! We screamed and one of the girls tried to smash her with a CD player...
Can you guess who it was?
Not Bloody Mary, but our host, Nora...
Lipstick and baby powder, all it took to fool us.

Mary R
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Oh god my friend Brandy, Told us the bloody mary story and a song heres how it goes ,Bloody Maary so bloody and grim Oh mary mary how did you die come out here and tell me why. I ran outta her house screaming and crying i was soo scared

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When I was younger, my mom used to do daycare. My friends, my brother, and I used to all cram into the bathroom and do Bloody Mary. We used believe if you turned around 3 times and chanted her name 3 times, she would appear in the mirror. I pictured her like an 18th century Spanish senorita and she would be holding a knife and a rose. Depending on the color of her rose when she appeared, she would do something to you. Different colors meant different things.

Ex: Blue=She would spare your life
Red= She would kill you with her knife


We would all run out of the bathroom screaming. I still think I really saw her...

We did the same thing with the Candyman and someone else but I don't remember who...

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so yeah, when i was about in the third grade i went up camping in the woods with my girl scout troop. so, we were driving up there, and we were saying ghost stories, well, one of my friend was saying the bloody mary story. well, it was like night time when we were driving, so we were all freaked out. so we all got to our camp site and set up. well, we were sharing the spot with a "sister troop". so we all just there. well, the other troop came, and one of the girls name was mary. and she also was a new girl to our school. needless to say, everyone was scared of her...yes...rumors in the third grade...but later we found out she WASN'T "bloody mary".

Oh Operator Operator Please!!! aka Rachel
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when i was little my brother told me that if you said bloody mary 3 times while turning around and then looked in the toilet there would be a lady with an axe appearing in the toilet water......imagine what my parents thought when they heard me saying bloody mary about a million times with the bathroom dooer closed.......

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I have heard so many versions of this story. But the one that I remeber most is probably the one I was told in 3rd grade. One of my newer friends had told us that bloody mary was a bride when she had died and that she was married to a guy named "candy man" I have no clue where they got this idea at ALL. Well that story when that he killed her and becuase of the blood on her dress she was givin the name "Bloody Mary". Also that "Candy Man" would appear out of the mirror and kill you if you brought candy into the bath room with you. I didn't bring sweets near the bathroom mirror for quite a while.

OMG, I'm so guilable
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my friend tried to scared me with the bloody mary story when i was young. he told me that it's true because his bother was almost killed by blood mary. his brother had purple spots on his neck to prove it. now i realise those were hickies. therefore, his girlfiend must be bloody mary. i am just kidding. =)

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I always thought that if you were in a room with a mirror and it was just light enough to see yourself in the mirror, but still really dark, and said 'Bloody Mary' 47 times, she would appear and come out of the mirror and break the mirror and then disappear again. And if you did that but fainted when you saw Bloody Mary, when you woke up you would have this ginormous cut on your wrist. I tried this with my firneds, however, and nothing happened.

Oobi Doobi
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When young, I was susceptible to the Bloody Mary horror legend. The version I knew consisted of going into a room (usually a bathroom), cutting off all sources of light other than a single candle which shone on the mirror, and turning in three circles, calling out to "Bloody Mary" each time.

I never had the guts to try it, and have always been, to put it lightly, nervous about going into pitch black rooms that have mirrors. In my freshman year of college, there was a big mirror that faced the room hung on the dorm door, and it terrified me until I forced myself to sit in front of it and stare at the reflection until I was sure nothing would happen--even so, there was always light coming in the window, so it wasn't pitch black.

I still reach in ahead of myself to turn on the light before entering a very dark room with an exposed mirror, and always step out before turning it out again.

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oy... here's one belief that really had me creeped... I used to be in the YMCA after school camp at my old grade school. Every day, there were these high school kids that acted as councilers for the "camp" that brought with them those "Scary Stories to Read in the Dark" books to read to the kids. their favorite to tell was the "Bloody Mary" story, followed by stories of "Friends" or "cousins" that had done the summoning ritual of going into a dark room with a mirror and saying Bloody Mary 3 times, often followed by how thier friends narrowly escaped being killed by her by carving her name into her back three times. I've always been the gullible type, so I believed them, and was scared of the dark as it was. Then, one day, I had to use the bathroom. the head counciler sent the two guys with me to make sure I didn't cause any trouble (camp policy). Once we got there, they shoved me in the bathroom, turned off the lights, pulled the door shut, and started chanting "Bloody Mary". I was scared out of my wits, and finally forced the door open and ran as fast as I could down the hall back to the cafeteria where we stayed. I was deathly afraid to be in any dark room with a mirror for YEARS after that.

Flinx the Weasel
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When I was in the 3rd grade.I was told that if you say "Bloody mary" 3 times in a pitch black bathroom Bloody mary would appear.

So I told my mom and she dragged me in the bathroom and said bloody mary 3 times and nothing happened.

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I used to be really freaked out of going into bathrooms with circle mirrors ever since I heard that story about Bloody Mary! I also used to have nightmeres about her. Now I'm not really sure what to belive! I know it's made-up, but, I don't know...

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I learned that if you look into a mirror while holding something red and say bloody mary ten times, she appears in the mirror. one day in third grade my friend anna and i tried it with a pair of gym shorts. of course the lights were out, so we put a boot in the door to make a little light. we ran out screaming, but came back again. we did that every day after school.

i also learned that bloody mary was a real girl who lived a couple hundred years ago. she was in the hayloft of her parents' barn and she fell of it on to the bottom floor. her parents found her and buried her. but when she was in her coffin she woke up because she passed out and started scratching at the coffing and banging, and she pulled her own hair out. eventually she died, but legend has it every time you go near her burial site, weird things happen and you hear banging and screaming noises.

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