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Bloody Mary

This section contains beliefs all on a common theme: Bloody Mary.
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When I was about 8 or 9, i went to my friends sleepover and we talked about Bloody Mary. She told me that if you use the toilet at midnight, Bloody Mary would come out of the toilet and stick a knife up my butt. I pictured this in my head, and would NEVER use the toilet without watching the hole in there while I went. Sometimes if I thought she was coming, I'd poop a little extra so it would land on her head. Sometimes I even still check for Bloody Mary.

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I, like most kids of the time, was a big believer of the "Bloody Mary" trick. My friend and I finally worked up the courage to do it, and we began chanting the infamous words, "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary,"
Just then, my mother (who was also named Mary) popped in, wondering what on earth we were doing in the bathroom with a tea candle.
My friend's overactive imagination came up with the story that I was a descendant of Mary Tudor, and therefore, whenever I tried the "Bloody Mary" thing, I would be unharmed!
I pranced around haughtily the next few days, until I was captivated by the Ouija board, and my "great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother" finally died.

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When I was 10 or 12 I was introduced to the Bloody Mary urban legend (stand in front of a mirror in the dark, speak the name Bloody Mary a lot, maybe spin around three times, creepy things happen). So at a big sleepover party we all faced our fears and crammed into the bathroom. On the third spin, when the ritual reached a climax, my slipper hit the springy door-stopper and made that sound that springs make going back and forth. But I didn't feel it so none of us knew what happened, which resulted in a stampede of screaming preteen girls spewing from the bathroom in all directions. Let's just say it took me years to look into a mirror in the dark again.

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I've always been terrified of bathrooms. I had so many seperate fears i can't list them all. When i was a kid it was pretty debilitating. I wouldn't go to the bathroom at school til i was in high school and would hold it til i got home(well, tried to anyway, unsuccessfully at times). Even now (i'm 22) i don't like going in bathrooms i've never been in before. The most prevalent belief was that sharks lived under the bathroom floor. Not just in the tub. They could eat me on the toilet or the shower or standing in front of the sink. I thought little mini sharks lived inside the toilet bowl. (As an aside: I also thought sharks lived in the deep end of the swimming pool) Til I was probably 15, I always left the bathroom door open a little so i could escape quickly if i needed to. I hated public bathrooms because the stalls scared me. I could just imagine some evil goblin or something sticking their heads/hands/claws under the stall walls and grabbing me. I didn't like the mirrors in any bathrooms due to all the bloody mary stories i heard at school. My trips to the bathroom (if you could actually convince me to go in one) were very fast and sometimes involved me not actually zipping up til i was already outside the bathroom just so i could get out faster.

bathrooms... the scariest place in the world!
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If any of you remember the "Bloody Mary" myth from sleepovers about the woman in the mirror, you know the sheer terror it can inspire in an 8 yr old. One time, my friend told me that bloody mary would come our of my toilet and kill me if i flushed it 10 times in a row. For about a year after that, i woud always stand by the door of the bathroom, reach in and flush the toilet, the run like hell. Somehow it never occured to me that i was only flushing once...

tired of running
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Here's my version of Bloody Mary (that I've heard of.)

Bloody Mary was a normal person years ago..single parent with her baby. One day while she did the laundry, a witch killed her baby, and when Mary returned she found her baby wrapped in a bloody sheet. She spent her whole life searching for the one who murdered her, but died before she could.

They say that if you turn off all the lights and windows in a bathroom stare int he mirror and say, "Bloody Mary, I killed your baby," five times...she'll peer at you through the mirror, reach through with her long blood red fingernails and kill you.....


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I've heard a lot of differant stories about "Bloody Mary". My best friends and I have tried the ritual before. We all crammed into a the bathroom, with the door shut and the lights off and we said, "Bloody Mary, I killed your baby!" Five times. After the fifth time...nothing happened...I think...We all ran out fo the room screaming before we could even wait a couple seconds after saying it the fifth time, But I heard a story once...about a girl Who tried it. They say that she went into her Bathroom, closed the windows, and shut off all the lights, and closed the doors. After saying the words five times....In the mirror there was a face of an 18th or 19th Century woman in the mirror. The girl got scared and turned away from the mirror. She looked back and Bloody Mary's bloody nails were reaching out from the mirror. The nails were EXTREMLY LONG! Bloody Mary scratched the girls spine and ripped off the skin on her back. She died intsantly. I'm not sure if it's true...but I used to believe it....

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When young, I was susceptible to the Bloody Mary horror legend. The version I knew consisted of going into a room (usually a bathroom), cutting off all sources of light other than a single candle which shone on the mirror, and turning in three circles, calling out to "Bloody Mary" each time.

I never had the guts to try it, and have always been, to put it lightly, nervous about going into pitch black rooms that have mirrors. In my freshman year of college, there was a big mirror that faced the room hung on the dorm door, and it terrified me until I forced myself to sit in front of it and stare at the reflection until I was sure nothing would happen--even so, there was always light coming in the window, so it wasn't pitch black.

I still reach in ahead of myself to turn on the light before entering a very dark room with an exposed mirror, and always step out before turning it out again.

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When I was 11 I was at a slumber party ( On hallo'een, you know, buncha giggly girls...) and we all gathered in a circle and told scary stories. Later, some of the girls went into the bathroom to play the 'Bloody Mary' game and they didn't come back for a long time! A lot of the shy girls at the party were freaking out because they were gone for almost half an hour! We heard footsteps (We were in the attic room, it was my friend's playroom) and then we saw a pale girl with what looked like blood on her face! We screamed and one of the girls tried to smash her with a CD player...
Can you guess who it was?
Not Bloody Mary, but our host, Nora...
Lipstick and baby powder, all it took to fool us.

Mary R
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I had quite a large belief about BM. I learnt it when I was twelve.

I heard that at midnight, you must go into a darkened bathroom with a candle, and chant "Bloody Mary" three times, she will first descend from a staircase from inside the mirror-world, in an old-fashioned room. She will lean out of the mirrow to try to claw you to death, and to take your face as her own. The only way to keep her from clawing your face was to get either salt or sand, and draw a circle around your body beforehand, and to use your candle to defend yourself. If you do, she will retreat back into the mirror-world, but she would appear in refective surfaces for the rest of your life.

Javan Tiger
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I found out about The Bloody Mary horror legend a few years ago. I heard that when you chanted her name three times she would come out of a mirror and kill you or scratch you. Well I got it into my head that if you think about her, and chant her name in your head she will also come for you. Then I thought, If she can come out of a mirror, She would also be able to come out of every refelctive surface. I have to cover my eyes away from my TV screen and my Computer screen at night now.

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I used to believe this about bloody mary,

bloody marry was a 18th or 19th century woman who lived with her husband and 2 children. Then, one day, someone came and killed her husband, and 2 children. She was upset about her husband and 1 child, but she especially loved her baby. She eventually went crazy looking for the culprit, and she died, now if you stood in front of a mirror in a pitch black room and chanted, bloody mary i killed your baby, she will come out of the mirror with a knife and stab you to death. My brother is 15 years older than me, and he always got a kick out of teasing me. One day, he took me into his room at night in the basement and told me that bloody mary lived in his mirror and if I was in here by myself, she would kill me. I didn't go to his room for another 2 years! yeah, I was like 7.....

stupid, gullible child
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I went to my cousins house for a sleepover with her and her best friend when I was 8. Her friend told me that if you said, 'Bloody Mary I killed your baby,' 5 times in a pitch black room holding a single candle while staring into a mirror, BM would appear and try to kill you. My cousin had long, black hair and pale skin, so when me and her friend tried the ritual in her closet, she opened the door and walked in, with red finger nail polish spread on her white nightgown. Her friend dropped on the floor and started crying. I did that and wet my pants. I WAS 8! When I found out it was her I was SO ticked off........ I'm still afraid of her closet though. :)

Scared Silly
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my friend believed in Bloody Mary so we went into a dark bathroom and she said Bloody Mary three times.......(my hand was on the light switch incase one of us got really scared) sooo since nothing happened she tappped on the mirror and said "Bloody Marey are you there?" when she finished saying that I flickered the lights quickly and she screamed, ran out of the bathroom and pee'd in her pants a little

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When I was little, my friend told me that if you go downstairs at night, when everyone is asleep, open all the windows and turn the lights off and say "Bloody Mary" 3 times while looking into the mirror, she would come out and kill you. Apparently she knew because her cousin had tried it and it worked but she had turned on the lights quickly before BM could kill her...Man, was I stupid...

Oh So Gullible
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This is a very cruel trick my friend played on me.

One thing I learned in Kindergarden was the legend of bloody Mary. Me and my friend Sam being as dumb as a doorknob, decided to believe these tales. I'm almost 12 yet this happened 8 months ago when was in 5th grade. Me and Sam had gotten a large group of friends together and decided to do Bloody Mary 8 times to try to prove that she didn't exist. Well my friend Becky one day slept in late and checked into school on the same day that we were going to do the summoning for our eighth time which is when she is suppose to kill you. Well Becky had skipped lunch and brought a fake bloody knife and fake blood to school. She covered herself in it and as we quoted the word "Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody we wish to meet our end" and flushed the toilets twice while flickering the lights and turning around three times she was getting ready for a major prank. She was covered in fake blood and looked just like the picture of bloody mary we had all seen in a book. When we finished chanting she leaned over the top of the bathroom stall and started screaming "I SHALL KILL YOU ALL YOU MUST DIE YOU HAVE DISTURBED MY ETERNAL SLEEP!!!!!!!" We all freaked out and ran out screaming at the top of our lungs. No one but me Sam and Becky know the prank but we all still are afraid of going into the school bathroom. We are such fools.

Bloody Mary Pranker
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I used to believe that if you looked into a mirror with the lights out, say "Bloody Mary" three times, and throw water at the mirror. In your sleep, she would come to you and wake you up. She would ask you, "Do you know where my husband is?" because as the story goes, her husband cheated on her and ran away with his mistress. If you say no, then she would scratch you for wasting her time. If you said yes, then she would kill you.

One night, I wanted to try it out... nearly scared myself half to death. I went to sleep that night and had a dream that she came to me. I woke up the next morning and noticed a long scratch down my leg. I probably just scratched myself somehow in my sleep, but since then I have been afraid to sleep in a room with a mirror in it by myself.

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in 2nd grade my friend told me that if you go in the night to a dark bathroom and say Bloody Mary 3 time sshe will pop out of the mirror and scratch you.I was super freaked out!
I wanted 2 see if it was true but i never dared to do it. 1 day i was in the bath rrooom fixing my hair and suddenly the lights turn off and i saw a bloody face in the mirror!i screamed but then i saw it was only my friend. i got soo pist off at her.But i still didnt stop beiliving in bloody mary because in the end of 3rd grade my friend and i started talkin about bloody mary and she told me that when her mom was young she the legend of bloody mary and when she got out of the bathrroom she was shakin crying and had a huge scratch on her face!

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When I was nine or so, I heard the legend of Bloody Mary. However, my sister was called Mary, and since my parets would tease her by calling her Bloody Mary, I thought it meant her.

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When I was in grade school, somewhere between 2nd and 4th grade, my class discovered the story of Bloody Mary. For those who don't know, it's a story about a girl who stould in front of a mirror at midnight on Halloween and said "Bloody Mary" over and over again until a bloody face appeared and smashed the mirror and choked the girl. As the story goes, if you stand in front of any mirror in any bathroom with all the llights off and the door closed, bloody mary's face will appear and she may try to escape from the mirror. So, I, fearless girl that I was, attempted this in the girl's bathroom at my Catholic School. Nobody would stay to witness this, but I did it anyway. I was a bit disappointed when nothing happened, so I told everyone that, of course Bloody Mary showed up, and I told her that she better leave us alone or else. Everyone believed me, and I continued to tell my classmates about my converstations with "Bloody Mary."

The Toilet Freak
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