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When I was little, I only had one older brother so I made up three imaginary sisters for me to play with. I named them all after things that I liked: Catherine (my friend), Book (I loved to read)......and Nosepick (self-explanatory). I told EVERYONE about them. After I stood up in Sunday School and explained about them, my parents told me that the third one should not exist anymore.

sisterless little girl
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top belief!

I used to have these imaginary friends named Boy and Girl. Whenever me and my mom would go to K-Mart, I would take them with me and talk to them and pick out clothes for them. When my mom would tell me she wasn't going to buy clothes for them, I turned around and told them I'd tell her I wanted them so she'd get them for me, but that I would let them wear it instead of me.

Then every morning my mom would wake me up for school and I would complain I had nothing to wear because Boy and Girl were wearing all my clothes!

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I had my first imaginary friend when i was 3 or 4, he was a giant white rabbit called sticky.

Then i met Tom. He was a boy the same age as me with brown hair and blue eyes, he was good looking but i could kind of never make out his face properly, like it was kind of out of focus.

Then we started playing a game where i was a fairy princess and tom was my twin brother and we invented HEAPS of other imaginary characters to play this game with (i am an ony child). When i was 11 the fairy game stopped being fun because i knew i looked stupid playing imaginary games even though it was really real to me!

Tom and the others continued to hang around and we met a few more imaginary people along the way. Eventually it was just me and Tom again but then when i was 13 or 14 i made best friends with this guy and he liked me but i didn't feel the same way about him at the time (we ended up going out a few years later).

Tom got really jealous and sometimes when my friend would talk to me, Tom would make smart remarks about what he was saying. It was really distracting.

When i was about 15 or 16 me and Tom had a big fight and he told me he was in love with me and i realized that i was in love with him too and i had been for a long time. But i knew that we couldn't be together obviously becauase people would think i was crazy and i said that and Tom said i shouldn't care what they thought. I ended up yelling at him to leave me alone and that he wasn't real and that i was and i needed to stop thinking about him and start thinking about real people. He started crying and walked out the door and never came back.

I was so upset. I ended up going out with the guy but secretly it was on the rebound from Tom. It didn't work out with the guy and i know it was because i was really in love with someone who i know doesn't exist.

I still think about him all the time and i miss him. I know how it must sound, like i was such a lonely person or something but that's not true! I've always had lots of friends and attention from guys. But despite that, Tom is my favourite person of all the people i've ever known, and i haven't told anyone about him since i was 7. My mum didn't even know that he still existed.

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I used to believe that at the end of my bed there was a Kitchen that I would always go and cook in. All my imaginary friends, Piper, Prue, Pheobe, Paige, and Jane would help me make delicous food that me and my twin would have as a midnight feast that nught. My twin believed in it too, you see. i used to have this special sish I made with my friends: A bowl of Giant Strawberries with Melted Chocolate Sauce inside and covered with cream. I couldn't ever make it without my friends.
I still go and have a bowl of my special strawberries sometimes....

Strawberry Chef
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When I was smaller, I used to have an imaginary friend named "Spikey". You know those funny little alien guys you would get out of the machines? Well, my Spikey was a BIG version of that!!! He was big and green and fat- and he was my toy protector. He followed me only sometimes- not all the time! I would sometimes say, "Spikey doesn't like that." or "Spikey LOVES cookies! You should make him some" and other times I would deny that he was ever there. Dont ask me how I got a little toy alien has an imaginary friend- I was an odd little kid. Johhny Depp would have been so proud, lol.

The Girl
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I used to think i had a million imaginary pets. I thought they were invisible and you could only see them if you belived. I ran my own invisible animal sanctuary in the playground at school with my two friends. Needless to say the other kkids thought i was crazy. But i still like to give Paddy the Pony and Princess the poodle a litle hug sometimes......

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I used to beleive those little things that looked like grass except were fuzzy on the tops could talk and i had one favourite but i forget what i called it when i was 9 and my favourite one died and i cryed and this was at recess and my friends supported me and we held a fake funeral on the school ground... i was W.E.I.R.D i still have an imaginary friend named Wack... and im 12!

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Most kids have imaginary friends when they're really young, but I started creating them at around age eleven. I started going through depression at that time, so my imaginary friends were my way of coping.
Stevey, my all time best friend, is still my conscience, friend, and the itty bitty voice in my head that says, "I told you so, but it's alright. We can still make it better."
He's even stopped me from attempting suicide.
I owe my life to a being I know doesn't exist.

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At the 'tender' age of 17 I have 'Tiger', from the anime series Monster Rancher. He came around when I saw the series when I was 7 or 8.

He really just acts as my conscience, helping me chill when I'm mad, or sings to whatever I'm listening too.

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When I was in bead and bored, I belived I could climb inside a specil bubble (invented by penguins) and float down to my friend The Loch Ness Monster (nessie) She was allergic to orange-stripped sea slugs, and her sea cat and I had to help her get past a feild of them.

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When I was little I never had an imaginary friend (that I know of), but I did have an imaginary babysitter named Stacy. I would talk to her, and I especially remember doing it when we were on the boat and of all places in the shower.

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When i was about 4 i had an imaginary friend called Bee Bee. she was blonde and wore a red cape and didnt have any legs, so she used to bounced along on a spring.i used to imagine she was behind me at night, and if i looked at her she'd tickle me to death. and when i was going down the stairs i always had to run, because she'd be chasing me to try and tickle me but once i got to the living room she wouldnt be able to get me. Yeah i know, im a freak

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I used to hear so much about imaginary friends as a child that I thought every child had one and that everyone would think I was weird or rebellious if I didn't.

So I pretended to have an imaginary friend. I was very proud of convincing everyone that I actually believed she existed.

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When I was very little, I created a place called Rosie Land (because my name was Rosie.) In this land it was always sunny and a nice day out and we all sat around sipping lemonade, which came from a huuuge lemonade pitcher. There were also wolves in Rosie Land, but they stayed outside the fence and never bothered us.

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when i was about 3 or 4 i had 2 imaginary friends..their names was soo strange bihal and mo'on i still don't kno how i invented their names..bs i'm sure my mum hated it i was soo attatched to them i went out wid them i didn't eat without them and i didn't even take bathes without them..

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When I was little, I had an imaginary friend named James. We were best friends. My friend Sara and I would jump off the couch, pretend we were drowning and say, "Help us James, HELP US!!!". Then we would be so releived when he "saved" us. One day, James drowned while trying to save me and Sara. I was so sad, I cried. Sara cried with me. When I got to moved, I had no friends so I created Stevie Wonder. Stevie was smart, had black hair, brown eyes, and looked something like Sasuke (sa-sk-ay) from Naruto. He was totally hot but we were just best friends. Later, I introduced him to my friend Amanda who'se imaginary friend was named Bob. Stevie and Bob were best friends and Amanda and I became best friends. I miss James, but I'm happy with Stevie. I'm 12.

Stevie's best friend!!!
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I had an imaginary friend named Gloriah with curly blonde hair and a blue dress. I would tell her my secrets and whenever I road my bike id let her have a turn because she didnt have her own bike, i wanted my parents to get her one but they didnt beleive in her and she would get really sad :P
One day I got in a fight with her and I left her outside and she never came back (I had a wild imagination)

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when my sister was 3-4yo. she used to play with an imaginary friend. she said it was white and looked like dwarf. LOl

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When I was three I had an imaginary friend who lived in the mailbox, his name was Mr. Mail. my mom has a video of me standing at the mail box opening and closing it, when she asked me what I was doing I told her that Mr. Mail's mouth was stuck.

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i still belive i have a horse called luanne , im 10

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