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This is not my belief, it's my friend's.

When my best friend was about 5 or 6 she had an imaginary friend named Grandmother Darnet (we still cannot figure out how she came up with that). One day, she got tired of Grandmother Darnet and didn't want her as a friend anymore. At the time, they were at the super market. Her mother asked where Grandmother Darnet was and Kyrsten insisted that she had been hit by a shopping cart and died.

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He is my imaginary enemy.
He stalks me.
And he has a chainsaw.

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My new friend Electrozest (ELECTRick ROsE ZEST) or Rozest for short is a baby seed princess she lived in my garden until the summer came and she was beggining to get a lil hot so she sought shelter in my house me DiZ NooNey and Miseve became friends with her instantly hehe

Rozest's Assistant
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I'm fifteen and I wish I still had my imaginary friend.
He was really freakin' awesome and sometimes I miss him alot.

The Imaginary Loner
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top belief!

Most kids I know of have imaginary friends who were human, or maybe a duck or something, but it's very rare to me that I come across someone with an imaginary friend as strange as mine.

You see, when I was very young--so young that I don't remember creating him--I came up with an imaginary friend of my own...
His name was George and he was a Werewolf. I have no clue where I came up with the idea of him, but he truly was my best friend for a while. I even have a little story I wrote about him and I in a journal of mine complete with a picture that simply re-enforced the memory I still have of him which is of a tall guy (no clue how old I thought he was) with brown tattered pants and brown hair with long sideburns and a prickly un-shaven face with hairy arms too.

After a while, I realized that George would be leaving me soon so I created a family of siblings and cousins for him to go with--including a young cousin named Jack who repetedly would fall through the ceiling.

Eventually George left me but of course I remember him...still I try and figure out where such a young kid would think up something like a werewolf though.

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do you guys who have imaginary friends well do you see them as physical beings or un real blurs that you have to try hard to hardly see?

its just my friend DiZ (a blue sphere with a tufft of hair and yellow markings and belly) has a staighn on his bein and my mind and he gets sleepy alot esyer now (but it is his 1st day!

DiZ's assistant
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im 11 okay and i have an imaginary freind named freddy the frog.he is a 6 foot levetating frog.and i have to hold his hand when he is with me and not in his house in the sky wch is where he goes when i snap my fingers.i dont really have friends so whenever i get lonely i talk to him.and one time i was i ohio when i was 10 i sent him to miami florida and to keep him from floating away i tied huge bricks to his feet.

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well im only 12 now but when i was even yunger i had like 12 different imaginary friends,anne the ameba (green inflatable tail) chilli the squirrle(bandana no feet 4 tails controled fire)pepi(fluffy penguin controlled poison)dusky(lil ghost thingy controlled ghostly energies and stuff)puve(magic balloon)mittens(very buff bee)cuphbrr(large penguin controlled water and ice and let ever one else ride arond on him) syroup(a weird round thing that layed eggs and had a honey hive for legs)pierry(a pie mole that coud dig reli good)(kip(a rock acorn)kap(a rock acoern secret lover of kip)flikaty walker(a robot that a species called flikatys lived in side and aided the outhers on their adventures) aw i usedd to hug em loads and we would all cuddle up together. but they had to leave. they understood that it was too much of a strain on my mind and their being. so they resorted to being the basis of my mind and my emotions and help me even when im not thinking bout em aww.im makin more now my ideas are coming slower than usual but still HUGGLELS TO U ALL

just I
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When I was little, I had an imaginary ENEMY. His name was Tweezers. He was Osama Bin Laden's son. (Don't ask. I was, like, 6 at the time.) He used to call me a doofus, so I made him write infinity sentances (this kid at school said he was going to make me write infinity sentances all the time) saying, I quote, "I will not call Alexander (rest of name censored, but it was my full, very long name) a Doofus. If I do not write these Sentances, I will be thrown into the Alligator Pit. Who was the REAL terrorist here, eh? :-)

Alex (arch-rival of Tweezers)
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i am a 11 year old i have lots of friends but i have 2 that are very close to me bonechrusher he is realy strong and speedy how is very fast i know every day they watch over me and protect me and ther like famely

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I had an entire army of imaginary friends. Most notable were several large guard dogs and rainbow-hued cats (all of which were able to speak) and an alien child of approximately my age.

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top belief!

I had my imaginary friends and sisters when I was much older than most kids are when they have them. I was about 9-12 when mine were developed. I convinced people that I was a triplet. My sisters names were Leigh and Sonya. I dropped Sonya after a while and just had Leigh. Sometimes I was Leigh and sometimes I am me. I also had a "imaginary" brother named Toby and he saved my life a lot. My bestest friend was Kenzi, and I actually tried to set Kenzi up on dates and drew pics of her. I'm 27 now and I still have Kenzi around. I actually made a myspace for her and we talked back and forth. Every year, every few months or so, my daughter (7) and I have a birthday party for our imaginary friends (i didn't tell her about mine, she just had them one day at around 3 years old.) We make a cake on the special day and make cards and make presents and take pictures. I should post them up somewhere.

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Ok, this is gonna be a long one. It's an elaboration of my previous post.

I had imaginary friends from the time I was three. it started with my imaginary "husband" Rocky and "Children." Cindy, Kelly, Kacey, Michael, Rose, Delilah, Eliziana and Kimberly. But it gets better! I had an imaginary twin sister named Michelle (my own name is Machelle, and to me, the difference between pronouncing it Mee-shell and Mu-shell was, like, gigantic!) Even better, we were the princesses of Africa, and our uncle was George of the Jungle. Then there was the imaginary dog, Rover. I use to pretend that I got separated from Michelle when she accidentally touched a magic crystal and got sucked in, and she became my reflection.

Besides my family, who was there from age 3 to about 10 or 11, I had a slew of "Guest star" imaginary friends. There were the girls from the orphanage I went to after being taken away from my Jungle Castle, There was the Chinese girl, Nina, who was abandoned by her parents in our lilac bush. I loved taking her around and showing her how American culture worked.

The Purple Ghost was based off of the sludge thing in an episode of Ghost Writers. He lived in a clock on our wall that looked like a barn and was always doing bad things and blaming them on me.

There was Amanda, who was with me when we were lost in the wilderness (my big backyard) and we had to gather berries and herbs (mulberries, pears, etc) to survive.

later, I adopted fictional charectors into my friends list. Harry Potter, cartoon charectors, and, when I was real little, the Power Rangers.

It should come as no surprise that I really didn't have any real friends growing up :P In fact, my best friend now and I love to play with some of our Imaginary Friends. Did I mention we're 18?

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Breeze and I have something in common; I used (use) anime characters as my imaginary friends; Sakura, Syaoran, Fuma and Kamui from X, Seishiro and Subaru from Tokyo Babylon...

When i was little, I have imaginary friends and imaginary children, most of my own creation, others from shows or books. My friend (real) and I like to bring up to above mentioned quite often, for a bit of comical/sadistic/slashy entertainment.

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I have imaginary friends that are anime style angels.Theyre names are Tabitha,Mandy,Cecelia,Anna,Mimi and Carmen Shuki.They are like sisters to me.Im caught talking to them alot.Theyre parents are Mako and Lisa.Mimi is adopted Anna is a 2 year old.They play with me and people think im crazy.I believe they let me train to be an angel like them.I was so creepy.

Angelic Guardian Girl
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I was 8 when I made my first imaginary friends, Sally, Sammy and Amy, Pure imagination and then one day Sally got transferd into another country cause her dad had a new job there and Sammy wouldnt go without her, but Amy went on holiday to Hawaii and I got a "phone call" saying that she was going to live there.

Now Im 11 and I still have a imaginary friend he is the best he is called Sam and he is a pirate and he is awesome, he is funny =] I never want him to die or go away.

Sams Best Bud.
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For two years I believed that my sister and I had captured leprechauns that only we could see- and just barely at that. We gave all of them names and designated the city areas. I even took them to school for show and tell and commanded them to move a ball in a certain direction after I pushed it. We also believed that they could come out of wounds, so once I purposefully skinned my knee!

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I used to tell everyone that the janitor was my best friend. I don't know where I got this idea or why I thought this was cool. but I told everyone. and we never even talked.

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I STILL believe that I have 3 imaginary friends who live with me. One was my sister, Sakura, from Cardcaptor Sakura. She's probably my sister because I looked up to her when Her show was still on.

The second is Cutie, the blue cat from Venus with a red ear on the left and a purple one on the right. (I could never decide on her eye color, butI say pink now.) She's magical and grants me wishes. She was the Queen's cat, until she came to Earth and I got her. (Again, never made up my mind on that.) She has so many sisters and brothers, and each on has a sister/brother just with a power just like their own.

Then there was Trunks. He was from Dragon Ball Z, but he was a kid version. He would hang out with me and fly around. I kind of had a crush on him. When I had my old house, (I was little then, and didn't go to school until later.) we would go around and have adventures.

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top belief!

My mother told me that when I was three or four I used to believe I had babies.

Let me explain. I had a dozen babies and apparently I could make them jump in and out of my stomach when they needed to hide or I was going somewhere.
My mother said she went to sit down beside me one day and I yelled, "NO! You'll crush my babies." I then proceeded to call them all by name and wouldn't let her sit down until they had all jumped in.
I have no recollection of this but...Wow!

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