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When I was about 5-8, I used to believe that there was a toe-eating toad/frog under the sheets and covers of my bed...I really thought that if I stretched my legs out at night and fell asleep like that, the frog would eat my toes off! So I slept curled up as much as possible...but I'd wake in the middle of the night all sprawled out and freak out searching for my toes! Such a weird child....

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In third grade, we watched an Aurther video and Aurther gets this book from the library about a haunted hand. It would float around at night and haunt the mansion.

After watching that, I was permanently scarred. I would hide under my covers for 3 YEARS afraid that if the green hand would see me, it would strangle me to death. One day I just got over it, but when I think about it it sometimes gives me the creepies.

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When I was 10 my friend told me that a girl in her neighborhood was a werecat and that she turned into a cat while they were swimming one night and got cat hair in the pool. I truly believed this story since I was(and still am) very interested in werewolves and werecats. Then when I met this girl, I noticed some things that confirmed my belief that she was a werecat like she was wearing cat ears and, this is the freaky part, she looked exactly like the girl on the cover of the R.L. Stine book "Night of the Werecat"!
I believed that she was a werecat for a few months until I got the courage to ask her.

What's new pussycat?
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This summer I took classes at a college and my friend convinced everyone I was a werewolf and they actually believed her!(we were 13 at the time) She used my thick eyebrows, long nails, and thick brown hair as her "evidence".
After that, people found other "evidence"- like my gapped, pointy teeth and my arm hair.
Since they didn't beleive me when I denied it I had to play along.
I'm curious about what will happen during the school year.

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When I was very little, my bedroom was directly across the hall from my parents room. If I ever got scared in the middle of the night, and would have to crawl into bed with my parents, I'd stand at the doorway of my room forever, trying to get up the courage to run across the hall to their door, a mere three feet away.

Cause of fear? The furniture in the living room at the end of the hall. I was always terrified the chairs and couch would see me run across the hall, and somehow manage to get to me before I got to the door of my parents room. I always had to look down the hallway to make sure they weren't close enough to make it.

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I used to believe that count dracula would come and kill me so i hid under the covers

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I use to believe there was a witch in the bedroom closet.

Funny thing, the witch never seemed to frighten me during the day. During the day she was forgotten.

One day the alarm clock went off at 7 pm instead of 7 am. My mother asked me to go into the bedroom and turn it off.

I can't I told her. She got annoyed. "Why can't you," she said. I didn't want to tell ber. I knew she'd think I was silly. But, still I wouldn't go into the bedroom. I didn't really believe there was a witch in the closet. But. . . . .what if there was a witch in the closet. I just couldn't take the chance.

Finally, after a substantial amount of brow beating I told my mother why I couldn't go into the bedroom. I told her about the witch that might be in the closet.

She told me there wasn't a witch in the closet. I told her I knew there wasn't a witch in the closet, but what if there was a witch in the close?

She gave up and went into the bedroom herself.

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I used to hallucinate when I was very young, and one night, I must have been about three, I saw a crocodile at the foot of my bed and his mouth was open so that if he closed his teeth together my legs would have been bitten off. Of course, I went to get my dad..who assured me it was never there in the first place. I slept in a ball from then on, and to this day, I simply cannot bring myself to stretch my legs to the end of my bed. I never have. Ever. Pathetic, I know.

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When I was little our house was full of monsters that would strangle me until my eyes popped out (and I had a very vivid picture of how this would look) if they ever caught me. Luckily they were not the nocturnal kind of monsters. So going to the bathroom at night wasn’t too scary as long as I was VERY QUIET. These particular monsters were also sorta blind and easily confused, but flushing the toilet would wake them up for sure. I just had to turn off the bathroom light and be back in bed by the time the toilet tank was done filling. (The plumbing was loud and the noise would create a diversion.) I didn't even have to run really. But just to be safe I would camouflage myself in bed by sleeping with my head UNDER the pillow. Stupid monsters.

Tallie Rae
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When i was little and my parents would watch scary movies, i was always afraid that they would come out of the TV and drag me back into the movie with them. So i would hide under the covers and try to lay really flat, so they couldn't see me. Of course now, I know this is not true, but I still fall asleep under the covers out of habit.

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The world was full of unexplained perils. There was a blue cow that lived behind the glass shower door. Dad said so. Cedric and Jessica were the invisible ghosts who opened and closed the back door on a windy day. They were good ghosts, but mischievous. The worst, however, were the nightmares. I remember waking up screaming (and my parents remember it too) after dreaming about the Bull-dort, a horrible giant warthog with killer tusks. He rapaged throught the dark forests of my mind.

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When I was very little, I used to go and sleep in my mom and dad's room with them all the time. My dad finally got sick of me sleeping with them every night so he told me that some little monsters had moved into my room and lived under my bed, and if I put my foot down on the floor at night they would cut off my big toe and eat it with some ketchup. I believed him until one night my brother had to sleep with me, because my aunt and uncle were sleeping in his room. I forgot to tell him about the monsters, and about screamed when I saw him get out of bed to go to the bathroom.

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That all the fluff that came out of the vacuum when my mom emptied it was giant's bellybutton fluff. I was always on the lookout for the giant.

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Since I could remember, I had lived in one room, sharing it with my sister. But one summer, we put an addition on our house - two rooms, one for my sister, and one for me.
Therefore, we had to go out and buy beds. My mother found a cheap one, used, that just happened to be about four feet high.
My bed was nestled into a corner of my room and left a hefty crack between my bed and the wall. That freaked me out. I couldn't stop imagining a pair of long, green fingers crawling out and grabbing me in the middle of the night.
So I spent many a night, huddled up against the opposite side of my bed - not even daring to look at the crevace and would often end up in the morning with a bloody nose on the floor, smothered against my doll, one foot stretching one hundred degrees upward caught on my blanket (I think this position contributed to my flexibility in my yoga classes) and often enough a pool of druel against my cheek.

I'm Over It Now
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When I was five or six, I used to think there was a monster under our computer desk- I never played any computer games until I was seven!

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My nana used to tell me the poem "The Highwayman" when I was little. Of course, a lot of it made no sense to me, but I was smart enough to know being gagged and bound was a frightning experiance. And my dad was a landlord. So I always believed the poem was about me, sort of a phrophecy. Every time it was really windy and dark, when the reflection of the full moon bounced on the waves, I would scream and cry until morning, hoping the hi way man with a twinkly butt ("his pistol butts a twinkle") wouldn't come and get me.

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top belief!

The Definitive Monster Protection Rules (I know they work, because I'm still here. ;)

1. Before going into a darkened bedroom, bathroom, or basement, throw something through the door or down the stairs. This will scare the monsters into hiding long enough for you to turn on the lights.

2. Leave a light on. The bathroom light down the hall is acceptable, but a nightlight is even better. Flashlights only make them hide until you turn it off.

3. Leave a plate of cookies just inside your baby brother's room. Monsters like cookies, too, and the scent will lead them to his room instead of yours.

4. Leave the door to your room open. This will allow your parents to more clearly hear your ear-piercing screams should a monster attack you in the middle of the night.

5. Monsters are as afraid of parents as children are of monsters, so bathe in your daddy's aftershave before you go to bed.

6. Wear Superhero Underoos instead of your jammies. This deceives the monsters into believing that you're a Superhero, and they'll be too afraid that you'll hurt them to attack.

7. Ensure that all closet doors and dresser drawers are fully shut or completely open. If they're closed, the monsters can't get out to attack you. If they're open, the monsters that are hiding inside will know that you know that they're there and they won't come out.

8. Put a pillow next to you in the bed and cover it up. There is a 50/50 chance that the monsters will attack it, instead of you.

9. Pull your covers up to your neck. Monsters are allowed to grab you by any body part, except the head, that isn't protected by even a thin layer of fabric.

10. Do not allow any part of your body to dangle over the edge of the bed in your sleep. The monsters under the bed will use this as a loophole to grab that body part and pull you under.

11. Make sure that your covers are flat across the rest of the bed. This enables you to see any suspicious bumps moving toward you under them and will give you enough time to sound off an alarm (the ear-piercing scream mentioned earlier).

12. Never, Ever, look under the bed after the lights are out

13. If you have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, don't - because this is the chance for which the monsters have been waiting. If you're unable to hold it until morning, jump at least a body length from the edge of the bed (so the monsters under the bed can't grab your ankles) then quickly make your way to the bedroom door without actually stepping on the floor. The clothes you left strewn across the floor when you changed into your jammies, rather than putting them in the hamper like your mama's asked a million times, can be used for this purpose.

This takes advantage of a little known point of monster law that states they are not allowed to grab a human child unless his/her feet are touching the floor. Contrary to what your mama believes, dirty clothes on the floor could save your life. Another obscure point of monster law states that they can't grab you if you're standing in a spot of light, but this is unreliable as a means of protection because the monsters will cheat if it's moonlight.

Addendum I: Green Jello = Monster Kryptonite.

Addendum II: Contrary to what your daddy will tell you, there is no such thing as the Potty Monster. He made this one up because he finds the expression on your mama's face amusing when you tell her that you peed your bed because you were afraid the Potty Monster might eat you.

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When I was younger (I can't remember when), every tuesday (I think it was) at night, (or evening, but it was in winter so it was dark at 5.) we had to walk past a shop full of mannequin heads, modelling wigs. I was TERRIFIED! The reason? EVERYONE I went with referred to it as 'The Dead Dolly Shop' and I could hear the capital letters. I pretended like I was fine... "Are we going to pass The Dead Dolly Shop?" "Yes." And I would reply, probably in a weak voice, "Yay..." But I was terrified of the dead dollies! I used to have nightmares...

Don't let the Dead Dollies get me!
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At the age of six, I was terrified of werewolves. I used to hide behind the couch whenever the Thriller video played on TV. Instead of falling victim to a werewolf attack, I decided (imagined) that I had a PET werewolf that I would send out each night to terrorize OTHER children.

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I used to believe that there was a monster that rampaged the streets at night and ate little children who weren't in bed by 9 o'clock in the evening.

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