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Several years ago my brother's friend bought a handheld Tetris game. For some reason he was utterly convinced that if you'd put the batteries in the wrong way around the direction of movement of the falling blocks would be reversed.

For some reason he never got the blocks to "fall" from the bottom part to the top of the screen.

Minna Pöntinen
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When Tetris on the NES had just hit it big, I knew that it was invented in Russia (It was kind of hard to not know, with the castles and all that), but I had a hard time figuring out how a video game could be made in Russia. After all, they didn't even have electricty over there!

The best theory I could come up with was a game with a crane that lowered wooden blocks... but how would they take the lines away?

Matt Culbreath
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i used to think that to win the game 'minesweeper' is to find out the bomb as soon as possible,so i always win but never understand why the smiley face turned upset when i 'won'.i thought it's a stupid game.i didn't realize until i've been 'winning' the game for 3 years.

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I used to believe that computer games had "good" and "bad" moods. On Good days they were easier to play and you got more bonuses. On bad days you died alot and did not get free lives etc.

C S Wagon
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I thought that when you buy a computer game that it contained a number of bonuses. By bonuses I mean special randoms items such as "power ups", health, money and weapons. As the game is played they get used up. So as the game gets older less and less bonuses appear. Thats why the game gets harder. I never played a game to the point where I had used everything included and had to buy a new copy.

C S Wagon
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I told a younger boy that I didn't like that a video game RF converter switch in a glass jar was, in fact, a bomb which could destroy the entire world if opened. He ran home, and later his father came round to chastise me.

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When I was in the 4th grade, my father bought me a program for my C-64 called "Little Computer People". It created a house on your screen with a little occupant that you could feed and care for; essentially, a forerunner of the virtual pet craze in the '90s. The premise printed on the packaging was that your computer really *was* run by tiny people, and that the software simply installed a tiny house to lure one of them to move in. My father assured me it was absolutely true. I believed him for a couple of years!

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