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I Used To Believe newsletter: August 2012


The movies can be a source of wonder but obviously some kids are more interested in the mechanics of how they're made than the story itself. How do directors find people for crowd scenes who won't wave madly at the camera? What magical powers do theme tunes have? And other questions...

Have fun,

I use to believe that if I felt sick - all I had to do was eat a lifesaver and I would feel better. In my defense, why else would they call it a "life-saver"?

I thought that mustard gas was made from mustard (like the food) I also thought there was a such thing as ketchup gas which was even worse!

I wasn't raised religious, so when I learned about prayer used to believe you could pray to anyone you liked, like a sort of magic telephone. I spent all summer one year praying to my friend two streets away, then getting angry when I saw her and she hadn't got my prayer messages, and accused her of ignoring me on purpose.

I thought I was the only person in the world who didn't like ice cream.

Since diamonds are the hardest mineral, I thought that a train could be derailed by a diamond on the track... thought about putting an old diamond ring my mother had onto the track, but never followed up on it, not wanting to be the cause of a derailment in our town! - GOOD THING!

When I was about 4 or 5 my mom told we were going to visit my aunts and uncles that lived in Wales. I pictured them all living inside the stomaches of actual whales. I was very confused when we arrived at a normal house instead.

My mom told me that if you break a pinkie-promise your pinkie will start to shrink untill it completely disappears. I believed it for a long time and now I tell it to my little brothers.

When I was 5 I was driving down the motorway late at night with my great nan sitting next to me in the back seat. I looked out the window and saw a blur of street lights everywhere far in the distance and asked my nan what was where the lights were and she replied 'That's where the Queen lives' as I was pointing towards London... Now when I'm driving on the motorway at night I always think of my nan telling me that them lights are where the Queen lives no matter where I am. It's such a lovely memory : )

The region I live in has a river and a beer named after it. This river is very fast flowing and dangerous and as a kid I was always told I was never to swim in it or drink the water (for my own safety.) I always thought it was because the brown river water was actually the beer of the same name and they use to bottle the river 'beer' and if I swam or drank it I'd get drunk and contaminate the beer.

When I was little my mom would always say if California sunk Puerto Rico would become the 50th state. I used to believe that meant that Puerto Rico would be picked up and moved to where California was.

When I was little, I had a debilitating fear of sharks, so whenever I would go to the beach, I would sit on the shore and refuse to go in the water with the other kids. To fix this, my parents told me that every beach has a net around it to keep the sharks out, but fish and dolphins could get through. I believed this about all beaches until I was about 18 years old. How they explained it made a lot of sense...

So, it turns out that Neil Diamond song ISN'T about a country pastor that goes by the name of "Reverend Blue Jeans."
J B Howard

I used to believe that when people dissected frogs in school, the frogs were just sleeping. Like if they had an operation, the people would put them back together after the dissection and then the frogs would just go back to living their lives.

The first place I ever saw fireworks was Disneyland. When I saw the 4th of July fireworks in my town, I shouted "Disneyland! Disneyland's over there!" My mom tried to prove me wrong, but I was convinced that Disneyland was somehow picked up and moved into the hills in the distance where the fireworks were shot from.

I used to believe that the background music in movies helped the actors do their stunts (i.e the music from ET helped Elliot's bike take flight) and that if you copied the song in your head you could do the stunt. However, I tried the trick with my first bike and I didn't work. Bummer.

I used to believe that when movies were filmed, the people in the background were not paid extras, but really cool people who understood that they should just keep walking so they didn't mess up the filming.

I used to believe flowers just grew and developed out of nothing into something pretty that had a bonus of smelling good. I was so disappointed to learn about pollination in middle school science class.

I used to believe that the bigger the coin was, the more it was worth.

I used to believe that teachers never went to the bathroom. I believed this until I saw one walk to the bathroom.

I used to believe that all my energy "came from my nipples and my back" I literally said that to my parents.
Eleanor R

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