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I Used To Believe newsletter: December 2013


Happy holidays! This year's selection of Christmas themed beliefs include several about Santa's spy network - in year's to come will kids assume that government agencies report to Santa as well?

Have fun,


When I was small, I realised that our house didn't have a chimney. I got really worried about this because I didn't know how Santa was going to deliver all our presents, so my Dad made a giant paper mache key and told me that Santa could use his magic to turn it into a real key so he could use the front door to get in.

i used to believe that when you died you would have to climb up a ladder and then God would be standing there with a massive clipboard - and on it were all the good things and bad things you'd done. i thought that santa went to God and had a discussion about whether i was on the good list or the naughty list. i used to worry so much about this... :)
a kid with a very active imagination..........

One Christmas morning when I was little my dad woke me up and told me to come to the livingroom, quick. There were snowy footprints on the carpet leading from the fireplace, circled the tree, stopped at the milk and cookies, and back up the chimney. I believed I had JUST missed Santa.

I was raised by my uncle who I used to believe was God. I thought when he went to work he sorted through lists of good and bad people, and then faxed these lists to Santa.

When I was little I attended sunday school regularly, so I knew God sat in heaven and Jesus sat at his right hand. Wile trying to figure out how Santa, just as great as the above mentioned fit into the mix, I decided he must have sat at God's left hand.

I was born on Christmas Day, and when I was little all I knew was that people decorated their houses and sang songs and gave gifts to celebrate a birthday. However, I used to believe that this was all done in the spirit of my birthday. I mean, who wouldn't be excited, it was MY birthday! :)

When my brother was about 6 he was concerned that Santa would have a difficult time getting into our house because we didn't have a chimney. The only logical solution to him was to leave the front door unlocked. Sometime during the night a gust of wind blew the door open. We woke up Christmas morning to arctic conditions in our living room complete with inch-deep snow drifts on the carpet.

Growing up in warm, humid Texas, we never had a fireplace in our house. I asked my mom how it was that Santa had managed to get into our house all these years. She told me he had keys to all the houses without fireplaces. I believed that until I was eight or nine, then found out the truth about Santa.

When I was younger I'd spend ages choosing what to leave out for Santa & Rudolf. In the end, I decided on Rice Krispies for Rudolf, because he "must get bored of carrots". On Christmas morning I was so excited when I saw that the Rice Krispies had been spilt everywhere, surely only Rudolf could have done that? Oh dear.

I used to believe that you need to hide from Santa Clause, cause my parents always told me to wait in the bathroom until he was gone :))

When I was a little girl, I used to think that Daddy's turned into Santa Clause. My father dressed up as Santa one year. Later that day, I walked passed the bedroom and saw him taking the beard off. Instead of assuming Santa wasn't real, I just thought that he had turned into Santa.I just knew I had the Secret to Santa Clause. I told all of the kids at school.

A method of discipline around Christimas time from my mother convinced me that Santa's elves were always watching me from behind clouds in case i did anything naughty.

my parents told me that santa hired elves that made cookies and built toys and they lived among us (i had discovered my uncle was dressed as santa one year) and so my aunt and uncle were secret "elves" and that was how there were so many santas in so many shopping malls, because the elves relayed the information back to headquarters. i couldn't believe i had elves in my family.

I used to believe that all of my dolls and stuffed animals came alive after I went to sleep, and that they all worked for people like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Whenever I would wake up in the middle of the night, I could swear I saw them running back into position.

I used to believe that Santa's elves had hidden cameras in every place in the world. They reviewed the footage in the North Pole, in a big futuristic base. I also believed that in addition to the cameras, each house had it's own elf watching their every move and documenting every bad deed. Needless to say, I was a very well behaved child.
Ms. Mole

I believed superheroes got their powers by taking special pills, and if I asked Santa for those pills he would give them to me, too.

Until quite recently, I thought that christmas trees were obtained by workers climbing to the top of large evergreens and cutting off the tips. I always wondered where all the forests with the topless trees were. My boyfriend still teases me about it and points out every tree farm we pass.

One of my friends used to be scared of Santa because they were thinking, "Oh no- someone's going to break into our house!"

One Christmas day when I was very young, I decided to play with the telephone and got through to a woman. My mum heard me talking and came to see what was going on, took the phone away from me and apologised to the woman. For some reason I was convinced that I was in trouble because the woman was the Queen and I was disturbing her Christmas Day lunch.

When I was in preschool, I used to believe that the baptism tank in my church was a mini-swimming pool. When we would have to go up and sing at Christmas time, I always wanted to go jump into the mini-swimming pool instead of sing Christmas carols. My mom finally told me that it was a baptism tank, not a swimming pool. It still kinda bums me out to this day, and i'm 18.

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