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I Used To Believe newsletter: February 2013


Scary monsters when the lights go out must be one of the most common beliefs on the IUTB site but they don't normally take the form of evil night-vision rabbits. Maybe that's a good reason not to eat carrots - so you can't see what comes out in the dark!

Have fun,


When I was 4 I overheard my mom talking to my dad about a doctor's appointment she had. I asked her if she was going to see Dr. Pepper, as I believed this was the only doctor there was.

When I was about 7 of my friends told me when an airplane flew overhead, they'd land and pick you up if you yelled loud enough. So we would scream as loud as we could whenever we saw an airplane.

My grandmother told me that if I ate my carrots I'd be able to see in the dark. I was afraid of rabbits for awhile because I thought they were lurking in the dark watching me.

I used to believe, until I was probably twelve or so, that a "deathbed" was an actual piece of furniture. When I was really young, I thought it was a bed that could kill you (like the myth of Procrustes), and when I was preteen-aged, I thought it was a bed that people bought specifically to die on, when they knew their time was running out. Either way, I thought it was an incredibly morbid concept.

I used to believe that everyone else on the earth was a robot, and they were only made because they needed to help me live my life, even the ones in another country, because what if I visited that country? I would always cry at night thinking, "Why do I have to be alone!?"

I used to believe that when animals died, they became stars in the sky. We lived in the country, and I had more than one cat disappear, most likely to the unlucky dinner of local coyotes and red foxes. I would lay in the front yard at night for hours crying and trying to console my young heart with the twinkling stars above.

I thought the police could arrest you if your parents caught you watching a PG-13 TV show and you weren't at least 13 years old.

In Kindergarten a girl had stopped coming to school and we later learned that she had moved. I didn't know that "moved" meant "moved to a different house", so I thought that if I sat still for a very long time and then suddenly moved my body really fast it would mean that I didn't have to go to school anymore.

My grandma told me that midnight was when ghosts and demons come out to take away children that aren't asleep yet. I completely believed her and instead of making me go to sleep it kept me up (for many years) because I was scared of the ghosts and demons.

Whenever I heard people talking about a computer "interface" I thought they were talking about smileys [ ;-) :-P etc.] because I thought "interface" was short for "internet face".

i used to believe Amsterdam was a dam made out of hamsters

I used to believe that car lights were actually eyes like on those old commercials. They all looked like pretty legit faces to me and welcome i walked past one parked, i would stare at it and run past it quick so it couldnt run me over. I believed this for years!

I used to believe that recycled toilet paper was actually used toilet paper that had been recycled. It didn't help that the one time I saw a roll it was speckled and not all white.
Aberdeen, Scotland

I thought that my parents chose my cousins, and was upset when my mother wouldn't let me add one.

Because in the Catholic religion you do the sign of the cross before and after basically everything you do, I thought it was a on/off switch for talking to God. But I couldn't remember how many times I'd done it, so I was never sure if the switch was currently on or off. I was terrified that I was talking to God during the wrong times, and he wasn't hearing me when I was at church. So every week at church I crossed myself twice when I sat down so that at least 50% of the time I was right.

I used to believe that people were born pregnant and everyone had a baby eventually. I remember being about 5 and thinking I'd probably grown at least a toenail inside of me by now.

My grandma got a cat when I was about 4-5 and I figured she must have picked it up off a shelf at the grocery store, like bread or cereal. It never occurred to me that I'd never seen cats and dogs on the shelves there, it just seemed natural.

I thought making love meant making someone fall in love with you!

When I was very little, I asked my dad why there were commercials on TV. He told me it was to give the actors a break in between scenes. Totally bought it for a few years.

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