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I Used To Believe newsletter: June 2012


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Super powers are a regular feature in beliefs - this month we have bendy vision, flying and telekinesis. Or since they weren't actually successful - staring, jumping and more staring.

Have fun,


I used to believe that when people did the voices for cartoons, they did the animation first, and they had to time their speaking just right.

I thought that a person's motor skills meant how good they were at driving!

I thought that the postman sits inside the postbox and waits with his letter bag and packed lunch for enough letters to be posted through, and when his bag got full he'd call the other postman to let him out and then they'd swap over.

I remember being fairly certain as a preschooler that since trees were living things, they must poop. I assumed they somehow did it when nobody was looking. When I asked my parents about it, they laughed but would neither confirm nor deny the existence of tree poop.

I used to think that there were more UN-Discovered places on the other side of the Map. (And I would not tell this to anyone and discover them myself, for fame & money)
I was a child

When I was 6, the ice cream truck was nearby and this boy and I wanted to get some. A friend told us that she didn't eat ice cream from the ice cream truck because none of the ice cream truck drivers wash their hands. I didn't buy ice cream from the ice cream truck till I was 18.

After watching Matilda, I was convinced I would have magical powers if I harnessed them long enough. When I was 8, I spent my one entire lunch period of 45 minutes staring at a leaf.

My mother used to have a walk-in closet, and I couldn't understand the concept of it as I didn't have any closet myself. She didn't like anyone touching her stuff and forbid me to go in there. I was only allowed to if she was already inside. So I was convinced that the closet was a magical portal. On the rare occasions she wasn't around, I would sneak in and absorb the mystical aura. If I opened the door, I would be transported to a magical world or a different dimension.

When I was little, I used to believe the cause of earthquakes were Gorillas and Monkeys standing on my rooftop shaking the house, kinda like King Kong. After the big '94 earthquake that took place in Northridge, California, I ran out my house looking for the monkeys, but was very disappointing when I couldn't find any. It wasn't until years later when I learned about science and seismic waves that I understood the real cause of earthquakes.
Taleen Michelle

When I was younger I used to believe that when the credits rolled they'd fall behind the tv. I'd always check, but they were never there.

I thought that snakes were just a tail and a head i.e I didn't know they had any internal organs in their bodies. Later when I learned that lizards can drop their tails I thought that snakes could drop their whole bodies and would just be a head until it grew back!

I used to believe that if I spun around in my spinning chair fast enough I would be able to fly. Sometimes I got so dizzy that I thought I almost did fly!

We moved when I was eight. In the basement of our new house there was a storage room, and inside that room was the boiler room. For no reason that I can think of, I was always terrified that there was a dead man hanging in the boiler room. To this day I don't like to go in there and turn on the light as fast as I can.

I used to think that if I tried hard enough, I could bend my vision to look around corners. And I thought other people could do it, too.

My older sisters loved Gloria Estefan when I was little. One of their favorite songs to play was "Rhythm is Gonna Get You." I was terrified, because I didn't know what rhythm was, and I didn't want it to get me when I turn out all the lights!

I used to believe that old people were actually young people and they just spent way to long in the bath and their skin had gone all wrinkle like... hence why I always had 3min baths.

When I was a little kid, I used to believe that worms turned into moths like caterpillars turn into butterflies.

In order to avoid the topic of cannibalism when eating food (I thought that all inanimate objects, food included, had feelings), I believed that the pieces of food I was about to eat was waiting excitedly to ride the roller coaster that was in my stomach.

My dad was a doctor; so I believed him when he told me that if I unscrewed and unscrewed and unscrewed my bellybutton, my butt would fall off. I still don't like my bellybutton to be touched.

I thought that infrared was actually "info-red" because it gives you more info about the thing your looking at than normal vision (I wasn't sure what the red part meant tho)

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