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I Used To Believe newsletter: March 2012


This month we have a couple of beliefs about eggs - I wonder how many children will open their Easter eggs this year, in the firm belief that they've been laid by the Easter bunny?

Have fun,


I used to think that adults drank coffee because the bad taste would wake them up.

When I was young and started learning how to read I read a sign at the mall next to an escalator that said "Adults must accompany children at all times when riding" and there was a picture with an adult holding a child's hand, but as a child my imagination was very wild and I thought "adult" said alligator and the picture was an alligator too so I told my mom that I couldn't go down the escalator with her until I found an alligator. Of course that belief didn't last long when she dragged me on the escalator and I found that nothing bad happened to me even with no alligator.

When I was a child I used to believe that garlic would grow in braids as I used to see them at the markets. I discovered that braids of garlic were made by people only when I was a grown-up.

Traveling with my parents, we became lost. My Dad was looking for a fork in the road, where he would turn. He couldn't find it. Though I thought it odd, I kept looking out my window for a fork (stainless steel) planted in the middle of the asphalt road.

Not so much a belief, but an assumption. We used to drive the same route to go camping and along one road was a farm with a signpost out front. The top one said RABBITS FOR SALE and the one below it said FRESH EGGS. I always assumed the eggs were rabbit eggs. I was about 14 before it dawned on me that the eggs were chicken eggs.

I used to think that time zones were much smaller than they actually are so that if you left the city you lived in you would be in a different time zone. My grandparents took me camping when I was about six and asked if I'd like to ring my parents after lunch. I told them that they'd be asleep because it was the middle of the night at home, even though we were only an hour's drive away!

When I was younger, I used to think a "slut" was a really beautiful girl. I brought my favorite Barbie doll to school for show and tell and when my teacher asked me why she was my favorite doll I replied, "because she's a slut."

I thought the Medieval times where called that because people were so evil then. I also thought that if someone was middle aged it means they lived during the Middle Ages.

I believed that if you moved around a lot while sitting on your beachtowel at the beach, you were more likely to get sunburned. Probably as a result of my mother saying something like "sit still or you'll get a sunburn" without realizing she said it or realizing I picked up on it. I believed this well into my teens when my friends finally caught on and laughed at me.

When I was about 4 or 5, I asked my mom what happened to the bath water once it went down the drain. She told me it went to a plant. She meant a water refinery plant, but for a while after that, I thought that somewhere out there was a plant so big it needed everyone's bath water to grow. :P

When I was young (about 4/5), I used to believe you could hatch an egg by putting it in a towel and keeping it warm. I came up with it after talking about it with my best friend. Both of us took a chicken egg out of the kitchen and tried to hatch it. We stuffed them in a bunch of towels and took the eggs everywhere. And I literally mean everywhere. We brought the eggs with us in a bag stuffed in towels to: school, daycare, when we were playing outside and so on. For years I was convinced I could make an egg hatch if I could just get my hands on a "good" egg.
Steffan de Lange

I used to believe that toilets on the airplane would empty out its "contents" from the into the sky and i would feel so sorry for the poor guy that would get poo falling from the sky landing in their backyard. So naturally I wouldn't use airplane toilets to reduce the amount of crap falling from the sky.
sky poop

I used to believe that when I turned 6 I would turn into a boy! My brother and sister had me convinced their baby pictures were each others. I think I was more nervous the day before my 6th birthday then any other day in my life.

When I was little, I used to believe we ran on batteries. I believed this until about 8 when I had asked when we needed to replace them and was told how the human body works.

At home when I was bored, my mother would tell me to go outside and lay on the ground because I might be able to see Pegasus, the mythological Greek flying horse. So I'd lay out in the yard all day looking up at the sky for Pegasus and being very quiet so not to scare him away. I just knew he'd fly by at any time.

when i was little i didnt realise that the rounded lines on the windscreen of the car were from the windscreen wipers. i asked my dad what they were from and he told me it was the reflection of the mountains.

when i was young i heard my mom talking about someone who had lost their voice. i thought about how that could be possible. i came to the conclusion that i only had a limited amout of voice and i needed to save as much of it as i could. i wasn't much of a talker.

My brother's friend told me when I was little that he had once found a snail in the crust of his pizza, in one of those crust bubbles. For years after that, I carefully dissected every crust bubble before eating my pizza.

I had never heard of Chicken Pox when I got it as a kid. When the doctor told my mom, I started crying and told them, "I don't want to turn into a chicken!"

I used to believe that frost bite was when arctic wolves came out in cold weather to bite off your fingers and toes.

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