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I Used To Believe newsletter: March 2013


Brothers and sisters have a lot to answer for when it comes to childhood beliefs, even when their ideas defy logic. A half warning?!

Have fun,


When I was a kid, I though you could actually dig a hole through the earth and get to the other side, but you would have to walk on your hands.

When my brother was learning to read he told my mom he wanted to go eat at a restaurant because they served beaver eggs. When my mom looked at the sign advertising the restaurant the word he was reading was "beverages"

I used to think that gas was only $4 and I would be like why are people so worried about gas prices. Then one day I figured out it was per gallon and it was a huge discovery.

When I was younger my friend told me that in Ireland instead of having 3-leaf clover patches they had 4-leaf clover patches and that finding a 3-leaf clover over there was lucky. We devised a plan to sell our 3-leafed clover over there to make money! I actually still believed this till a few months ago when I put some thought in to it ...I'm in College

When I were a kid my brother told me farting in public was illegal but they give you 16 and a half warnings before you get in trouble (he said the half warning would be really subtle!)

When I was little I would always say in my mind, "I know you can read my mind", just in case

I love watermelon and wouldn't care about the seeds in it. My mother was worried about my habit of eating seeds along with watermelon. So she told me that if I ate the seeds, the creeper would grow from my stomach. Though it was scary I used to wonder how cool it would be to grow melon and eat it without having to spend money on buying it! Anyway, I stopped eating seeds of all fruits after that.Ash Krish

When i was a kid i read something about chewing gum flavored condoms. After that I thought some of the gum in the grocery store was used for birth control and was scared of buying the wrong kind because I didn't want anyone to think i was having sex.

For the longest time, possibly even into adulthood, I thought that cart with one wheel and two handles that workers sometimes use to wheel around anything from dirt to crap to cement mix was called a wheel barrel instead of a wheelbarrow. Strange how no one corrected me during all the times I had talked about wheel barrels. Then one day I found out, I had innocently been going through the dictionary when I made a shocking discovery, I was like WTF is a barrow?!
Donald Duck

i thought that when a man peed he actually "squeezed and wrung out" his penis like a washcloth. i forget who set me straight but i believed this until i was in my midteens

I thought that the sound you hear when you put a seashell to your ear was a "recording" of the sea waves and that after the shell was out of the ocean for the same amount of time that it was originally in the ocean the "recording" would end and the sound would stop.

When I was watching a dance and singing competition, the singer performed a lift with three men holding her up. I asked my mum 'How did they know they had to pick her up?' She explained to me that they practised before and didn't just make it up on the day. I never quite got my head round this.....
You have to practise first......

My sister thought that smoking (a cigarette not the other stuff) was against the law. We were watching film and this policeman lights up a cigarette and she goes, "ooooh he's smoking and he's a cop!"

i used to think Greenwich Mean Time (GMT, UK) was "Village Green Time" and when i asked why, i was told it was because back in the day there was only one sun dial in the town and people would all go by it.
Village Idiot

when i was little my older brother told me the spiral in the middle of the lights in my living room was a elevator up in to his bedroom (even though it was the size of my hand) but every time i asked if i could have a go he said it was broken
spiral elevator

My husband told me that when the song Rock Me Amadeus came out that the lyrics were "I'm potatoes I'm potatoes." I guess he used to actually sing it with his friends, who all thought the same thing, on his schoolbus

I used to believe that a cow produced different kinds of liquids from every teat. There was light milk, whole milk, cream, and whiskey. Because that's what my dad told me.

Until I was about 12 or 13 (now 20) I thought "making ends meet" was "making ends meat" and that "ends meat" was a really cheap type of meat, and that when people said that, they meant that they were making just enough to afford that meat.

When I was a kid I used to believe that If I kissed a dog in the mouth I would get pregnant and have puppie dogs as babies.

There used to be curtains that covered the underneath of the cupboards at school, I was convinced that behind those curtains was a bed that the teachers slept and lived in when we weren't at school.

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