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I Used To Believe newsletter: November 2012


We've included a selection of our favourite Presidential beliefs for this month's newsletter. Maybe if the election is too close to call, some of the methods below could be considered - who doesn't want to see the candidates having an actual race?

Have fun,


When I was very little I used to believe that when someone was running for president, the two people running were at one side of the basketball court and raced to the other side and the winner of the race became president.

I used to believe that the loser of the Presidential election became the VICE President.

When I was a young child I used to believe that when you ran for presidency, the person that could run the furthest without stopping became president.

I thought that Mount Rushmore was an act of God, and that was how we chose our presidents. . . who resembled the mountain.

I used to believe that President Ford invented the automobile.

When I was a child aged 5, I used to believe the President of the United States was Donald Dragon. It was after I asked my mother if she knew who the President was and she said, "I don't know, who do you think it is?" that I discovered it was, actually, Ronald Reagan.
Brooke Davis

I was always told not to flush the toilet when someone was in the shower. I thought it was because the toilet water came out of the shower. I cried so hard when my mum flushed the toilet while I was showering!

I thought the police didn't have to follow the law and could do whatever they want. My reasoning was they were the enforcers of the law so who would arrest them or whatever? I wondered why all the bad people didn't just become cops so they could do crimes with impunity.

I thought if someone asked something and said please you had no choice but to do it (I think my dad told me this once when I wouldn't do something)

When I was about 10 or 11 I used to believe that the mile high club was a group of powerful business men in suits who would fly around the world on a huge fancy private jet, staying up for days at a time, drinking and smoking cigars and discussing their plans to manipulate markets, politics and wars for their own gain. I was disappointed when I found out it was just about sex, my version seemed much cooler.

I thought people in Hungary were always very hungry and the people living in Turkey always stuffed themselves...

When i was little if i went shopping say to the Butchers or Grocers (no Supermarkets then) the meat on display or cheese etc had a price on a hefty pin stuck in it and when i watched westerns Gunsmoke or the like and the sheriff said that guys got a price on his head i believed he had a meat pin in or on his head although i never managed to see it lol
Ron marriott

when I was young I thought when your tooth fell out the tooth fairy would take it to her factory grind it into a powder give it to toothpaste makers and that was what was in toothpaste!

When I was 5, I used to believe that if I stopped moving and froze in one position, everyone would think I was a mannequin, and not a living person. I even used to climb into shop's display windows when no one was looking and pretended to be a mannequin showing off the clothes I was wearing at the time. The people that stopped to look at me with big smiles on their faces only made me believe that I was doing a really good job :-)
Azra von N.

When I was growing up in Northern BC, Canada, my father told me that Eskimos were different from Caucasians because they didn't have sweat ducts - they didn't need to sweat because where they lived it was always cold. I believed this well into my teens, when I repeated it to a friend who laughed at me. That's when I realized my parents sometimes lied.

I used to believe that if you were holding a phone up to your ear the person on the other line could hear all of your thoughts and it wasn't necessary to talk.

I used to believe that it wasn't wind that made the tops of trees move.. It was dinosaurs.

I used to believe pork chops were actually something called "brazilian chicken". Mainly because when i was a kid i wouldn't eat pork products, thought they were gross, and my parents' solution was just to rename it.

I remember riding in the car with my mom and having an epiphany. I randomly said out loud " Oh my God. Alaska is attached!" She was confused, so I explained that I had never realized that Alaska is attached to Canada. On maps of the U.S, Alaska and Hawaii are drawn out in the middle of the ocean in their own little boxes. I seriously thought Alaska was and island. I was 13 when I realized this!
M. Just M.

I thought when someone gets the key to the city it's like a master key that opens any lock in the city. I figured it was to show how much they trusted them because they could possibly use it to break into places. I also thought that a skeleton key was a key made out of human and animal bones and wondered why they would do such a thing.

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