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I Used To Believe newsletter: October 2012


If you pee in a swimming pool it turns the water a different colour is one of our most common beliefs of all times - you can read some of the others in our list of common beliefs. Strangely enough, the self-feeding elephant isn't in that list! It took a singularly creative older brother to come up with that one.

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When I was a kid, I used to believe that my parents were aliens wearing suits that made them look human. I thought that they would take their suits off an night when I was asleep and walk around in their natural form. I never did catch them though!

When I was little I used to love My Little Ponies and their human friend, Megan. Since Megan's appearance would change in some episodes/movies, I used to believe that every girl that owned a horse or pony was named Megan.

When my friend was 6 she used to misspell heroine as "heroin". She'd once written, "My favorite thing about movies is the heroin" in her essay, and then her parents were called to explain the situation.

When I was small I used to see the "TOLET" sign and think people were renting out toilets for desperate customers.

When I was little I used to be scared of growing up. This was because I thought that at a certain age you would be kicked out of home and you would have to find a family. I thought you would have to ask random people on the streets if they would like to be the Aunty, Dad or Mum etc. in your family. Growing up sounded really scary!

When I first learned about sex when I was really little, I saw my parents driving licenses. Of course, on there it says "sex" and then either M or F so I though it was marvellous, or fantastic. Haha. Wow.

When I was 5 I thought that the whole planet was a gigantic Kinder Surprise and that one day someone would open it and find us!
Maria Nikolaou

You know how some medicines and the like have the label saying "keep out of reach of children"? Well I thought it meant if a kid was in possession of it they would go to jail. I remember one time when I had Chicken Pox I had some lotion I could put on and my mom let me hold onto it, but because it has the "keep out of reach of children" on it I was scared the police might somehow find out I had it and throw me in jail!

When I was a kid my brother told me that elephants eat their own poop and then poop it out and eat it over and over so if you had a pet elephant you would never have to feed it. I believed this for a while but then I asked "what would it eat the first time it eats" and my brother said you would feed it a poop starter pack and I believed it!
Freaky Beaky

I used to believe that fax machines worked by sending papers down underground tunnels.

I use to believe that being brainwashed meant that someone actually took out your brain, washed it with a sponge and soap and water, then put it back in and sewed you up.

My cousin thought ribs at restaurants were people ribs.

I thought change was the store's way of saying thank you.

When I was younger me and my sister were hula hooping and then mine broke and all these little bean things came out. So then we picked them up and planted them and waited for our hula hoop tree to grow! Oops...
Emma :)

When I was little, my dad told me that if you pee in the pool the water will turn purple.

I used to believe that the last line of Row Row Row Your Boat was 'Life is butter dream'.
Mindless Misfit

When I was a kid I never ate the yellow part of eggs coz I used to believe that it would become a chicken in my tummy.

My friend used to think that oral sex was phone sex!!!

As a child, I never really got the connection between Christmas and Jesus... The only thing I was concerned about was Santa. All I knew was that somebody important was born on Christmas. There was one day where our teachers told us we were going to watch a movie about the meaning of Christmas. I went to school the next morning and wrote in my journal "We are going to watch a video about Santa being born!"

My grandfather was rather portly and had the habit of eating dessert before his dinner instead of after. As a child, I thought that was the reason for my grandpa's large size.

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