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I used to think it was illegal to name your kid after your pet

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I use to believe that my grandpa invented the wall because his name was Wally

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When my brother was four we visited a pond by my mother's workplace that ducks, and though I had been a many times before, for him it was the first time. Me and my siblings told him that we had been looking forward to this day for a long time and then explained that we had found him in this pond as a baby and that the Ducks were his real family and that when we left we were leaving him behind to be with them. At first he tried to argue that it couldn't be but we solemnly assured him it was all true. He totally believed it, dead serious and stared out into the lake and really thought about it and decided that being with his duck family was the right thing to do. When mom found out about our prank she quickly cleared everything up but he still acted weird for a while whenever he saw ducks.

His real sister
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I convinced my little brother that bubbles were your possible futures and once you popped them, they were destined to happen to you. I told him that the reason you see a tiny version of yourself in them (your reflection) was because that was the future you but that I could see really well and only I could make out what they were. I would blow a bunch of bubbles and say there were a bunch of different futures in them sand watch him excitedly pop the ones that I told him were really good. Sometimes when he was acting up I'd tell him one of the bunch was bad and then watch him pop and bubble and shout "oh no! Not that one!" But then after he'd freaked out about whatever bad future I said would happen, tell him the next bubble undid it. Some of his bad futures were getting bad grades in school, growing up ugly, losing all his teeth, or just getting trouble for what he might have done that day. But the future that made him really lose it and meltdown was that he would fall in love and get married. For some reason that future was utterly unbearable to a five year old.

A really clever older sister
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Since the girls name Jackie is short for Jacqueline, I thought the boys name Jack was short for Jackal

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It was the early 90s and women's shoulder pads were still a thing. One of my aunts always wore them, and I was scared of her because I thought her really pointy shoulders were part of her body!

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I used to believe that you were either black or white. Like if you weren't African-American, you were white. If you were Mexican-American you were white. I didn't even think about Asian-Americans. I believed this until my freshman year of high school, when a girl who was Mexican made a joke about white girls. Then I said, "You're white!" and she said, "No I'm not. I'm Mexican."

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I used to think that people with the same birthday were the same age

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I used to think that it was illegal for black people to marry white people.

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My father used to make be believe that when there was thunder and lightning, the sound of thunder came from two clouds bumping into each other, and that the lightning came from the friction of the clouds. I believed this until i went to high school...

Liza W
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