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Not my own belief, but I had a boyfriend who used to think that all the women in the world had their periods at the same time.

Mary K
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I used to think the scrotum was the pee hole on a boy and I thought it looked like a big vagina. But then when I saw the anatomy I looked at it in disbelief.

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I am a male-to-female transgender. When I was a boy, I felt mostly like a girl, and I thought everyone was tricking me into thinking I was a boy because my mother wanted a son instead of a daughter. I thought this was the reason of why my hair grew so fast (I thought this was why girls usually have longer hair) and that everyone was born with a penis, but in women it disappeared during teenage. Saddly, I grew up and was proven wrong...

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I thought that sex was when two people put on the same pair of pants, one person in each leg. Needless to say, weight loss commercials were absolutely scandalous.

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When my family decided one summer day that we should all go out to the nearby pool and go swimming, I told my mother I was "riding the crimson wave" and probably shouldn't go. My mother told everyone I wasn't feeling well and decided we should all not go. That led to my little 8 year old brother throwing a massive temper tantrum yelling and screaming about how I was ruining everything. It was then that my mom finally told him about periods.

An irritated older sister
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So when I was a kind, any time something sexual happened in a movie or tv show they would play that jazzy saxophone music. So my brain just associated the sound of a jazzy saxophone with sex and any time a song got jazzy I would blush and get embarrassed and say the song was nasty and to turn it off because that's how my mom acted when something sexual happened in a movie. Weird right? I still get weirdly uncomfortable when I hear a saxophone getting jazzy.

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This is more of my understanding of relationships than anything sexual. For the longest time I really thought that cheating wasn't possible. I thought it simply didn't happen, that no one ever pursued two people at once. But then I learned that people do that and it felt so weird. I couldn't wrap my head around it. Why would you need two people? To this day, I can't ever see myself cheating or understand why people do that.

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Okay so this is more about sexuality in general than any particular part of sex. I am and always have been a bisexual and when I was little I thought everyone was. I thought it was really a common thing. That we could all have crushes on both genders but there was some kind of secret deal that society had made, that we'd all keep those feelings of love and attraction for same sex a secret because it didn't make babies. I thought everyone just ignored their feelings for people of the same gender because we all wanted to have kids when we were older. But I didn't mind the idea of not having kids so I told a girl I liked her. She told everyone and they made fun of me, but that only encouraged the theory that they were all hiding the same thing and they were just mad that I wasn't following their rules. Because of this, and the fact that I was bullied so much for it, I decided I would follow those rules and I pushed all those feelings I had for girls deep down inside. It wasn't until I was eighteen that I finally came out of the closet and accepted my feelings for same sex. To this day, I still feel embarrassed when I find myself attracted to a beautiful woman.

The odd one out
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We had these cheap anatomy books that had always sat on the bookshelves. I once dug through them at 6-8 and read through (or stared at thr pictures) the whole chapter on reproduction, pregnancy, the whole nine yards. I was young and NONE OF IT made sense to me. I did however come to believe that Organisms were big living things and Orgasms were smaller living things. I still looked at those words that way for the majority of my childhood...

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I have a painfully vague memory of being 14, and my older sister and brother being 16-18. My dad was talking about the Virgin Mary and explained to us that a virgin was "A girl who wasn't married".
Thank god for then internet.

-Too Old For This
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