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I used to believe that the "feminine product" machines in the public bathrooms contained tootsie rolls and gum. So I always used to ask my mom for a quarter so I could get a tootsie roll... not knowing that it was really a tampon.

Kim A.
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My friend Lauren was totally misinformed about periods. We were talking about puberty one day, and I told her about my friend who'd been on her period for a few years. Lauren was like, "What's wrong with her?" I was like, "Huh?" And she then proceeded to explain how girls only had their period for one year after they started. (Mind you, she was 10 at the time and already knew about sex and everything.) Anyhoo, I told her that no, girls had their periods until they were about 50-60. Lauren argued that her mom didn't have a period and she was only 35. Then, out of nowhere, Lauren's 16 year old brother (who had been listening to our conversation all that time) said, "Yeah, well, mom's had a few operations." An embarrassing way to find out, but at least Lauren now knows the truth before she starts her periods.

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When I was young, I thought Menopause was a button on the VCR

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When I was a kid for some reason I considered that a period is something you have only on daytime. No one had explained to me about the nights. So when I got my first one at the age of 11, I used a pad until the bedtime and then simply threw it away. And, of course, woke up with a big surprise in my bed!

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I thought the applicator on a tampon was the string, and I thought that the whole tampon (including the plastic) went inside you.

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back in 6, my mother was once making pads for my cousin. Well, in those times, sanitary napkins weren't that popular...so, she was wrapping up cotton in a piece of cloth, when i spotted her doing so...i thought she was making pillows for my dolls. i felt so excited. i went over to her and excitedly said out loud, "Mama, this is so sweet of you! you're making pillows for my dolls...!!! i gave her a tight hug and joyfully went away playing wid it. While, my cousin and mother just laughed for my innocent thought.
thank god those days are gone and we have propewr sanitary napkins today! ;)

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When I was about 10 mum gave me some roasted beetroot for lunch one day & loved it & ended up eating a big bowlful.

The next day I went to the toilet & when I wiped it was deep deep red. I thought I had my first period! I told my mum who gave me sanitary napkins & for months I couldn't understand why I hadn't ever had another period.

until I ate beetroot again & the penny dropped!

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Now, being the youngest of 9, I have 4 older brothers and 4 older sisters. Naturally, my older sisters experienced their periods before I did. I once wandered into the bathroom to discover my older sister changing a pad. No one had explained to me anything concerning periods before (I was 6) and so I was naturally terrified and she was just angry that I hadn't knocked. I ran to my room crying.

Of course, my parents weren't home to explain anything to me at the moment, so when another of my older sisters and my older brother found me sobbing both about being screamed at by my sister and about the blood, they decided to have a little chuckle. They told me that girls die younger than boys because when they turn a certain age they begin to bleed out and by the time you're 50, you lose all your blood. I asked about grandma and they told me she wasn't 50 yet, but she would be soon.

I also knew that my mother was 49 years old and that the next number was 50. I don't know why it didn't occur to me that my grandmother HAD to be older than 50 for that reason, but I literally cried for about 2 hours before my oldest sister mercifully told me the truth about life and periods. I nonetheless clinged to my Mother for days believing that she would die in the next year.

To this day I sort of hate my brother and sister for that one.

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My mother, for whatever reason, never told me about puberty, so when I started my period at twelve years old, I didn't know what to think of it. My brother, younger than me, said I was having internal bleeding, and I accepted this happily - and went on stuffing toilet roll and cut-up clothes in my knickers - until I had my first sex education lessons at secondary school. I'm now of the opinion that parents should just give their children puberty books at age eleven if they're too embarassed to speak about it.

Riptide Belle
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I used to think that pads were for people who wet themselves so me and my sister used to laugh at my mom cos we found a pack in her drawer.

could be true.....
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I remember when my pet was pregnat wit a wittle baby :3 *aww*! and I was told she would give birth when her pee turns red....and...oh gosh. Am I really going to tell the world about this? *Sigh.* Sure enough, (lol) it happend, and I ran down stairs, frazzled pet in arms, "MOMMY LOOK THE BABY IS COMING!" It turns out it was just kittie's time of month. The expression on my poor cats face was something like a deer in the headlights and a badger on crack.

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I'm 8 years older than my little male cousin and he needed to use the bathroom when we were out somewhere. I took him in the women's bathroom as he was young and told him to wash his hands. When he went to grab a paper towel he saw a machine that said "NAPKINS-25 CENTS". He said,"why would someone pay 25 cents for a napkin when they can get these for free?" I said, "I don't know, those are for fancy people I guess."

big cuz
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This belonged to a guy I went out with once - he wanted to have sex, and I told him that I couldn't because I was on my period (that mattered when I was 19) and that I was wearing a tampon. He told me that I could just slip it off now, and put it back in afterwards. Not a new one, the same one. I think he was 28. LOLOL

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When I was like...I dunno, 10 or something, I believed that to use a tampon, you must put it in your urethra (that'd be the pee hole). Imagine my friends' surprise when during a sleep over birthday party us girls were all discussing periods, pads and tampons and I said I couldn't ever use a tampon...that I couldn't imagine putting it in my pee hole.

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One time I saw my moms tampon string when she was naked and i thought when you become a woman that you grow a white string out of your vagina.

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this is a boy's belief in my 6th grade science class.
In sixth grade i was doing an assignment with the boy at my lab table. i took out a jumbo pink highlighter. the brand and words on the marker had worn off so it was just plain pink nothing on it. the boy was like oh my god! put that away. i was like chill out what they heck is your problem? he said "thats a tampax. thats the little case you keep your tampax in, gross put it away." my young and really cute science teacher walked up and was like what the heck?! I told the boy it was highlighter and took off the cap and showed him. the boy was so embarassed he got up and went across the room to his friend to get away from me. my teacher looked at me and said "boys can be kind of dumb with girl stuff you know? just ignore it." i could have died. my teacher was SO hott and i was so embrassed i couldn't look him in the eye for a few weeks.

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when i was about 10 my friend brittany told me about periods. But i thought that you only bled once a day for a few days, not all day and night. My friend channing had two older sisters and we stayed up late with them one night. they thought I was asleep and the older girls started tlaking about how thier periods hurt and stuff. I thought the blood comming out would burn and sting like a cut. also at channings house one time i went to use the bathroom and there was a thong in the sink and it had blood all over the crotch. I had never seen a thong before so i was like "channing is that what your sister wears for her period so it doesn't bleed thorugh?" and she was like no you idiot thats just her thong underware.... me and channing also used to call each other on walkie talkies across her huge house and talk about how bad our periods hurt like ladies did on the phone. SO stupid.
I was like totally okay with tlaking to my friends about it, but so shy with my mom i hid it from her for 2 months. I also remember when they separated the girls and the boys from each other and made us watch a special video. during the video this one girl rachel who was really popular and mean asked if girls can get pregnant from a vibrator. no one knew what she was tlaking about and the teacher took her out of the room and made her sit in the hall. after the video was over we went out to recess, and the boys in our grade were all like "god you won"t believe whatwe had to watch it was SO gross, what happens to boys is really really bad." Us girl's were like "no TRUST US girls have something wayy worse!" haaha

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top belief!

When i was about 4, i found tampons in my mums bag, and i thought they were cool cotton straws she had bought for me. Later on when i went to the toilet, i saw a used tampon floating in the toilet. I ran out of the bathroom and screamed 'MUM!! STOP PUTTING TOMATO SAUCE ON MY STRAWS!!!!'

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when i was like 3 or 4, i followed my mom into the bathroom and saw she was putting a pad in her undies while she was on the toilet. i had no idea why she did it. maybe she was just unique..? i thought it was toilet paper so i put a bunch of toilet paper in my underwear. later when my mom was helping me get in my pjs that night, she saw it and got mad. i thought maybe she was emberressed. for a while i had the idea that old old women did it.

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top belief!

My 4-year old daughter followed me to the bathroom one day. I happened to be on my monthly cycle and she when she noticed my pad, she asked me if that was a band-aid for my 'boomies'. To avoid having to explain things to her, I said yea. Later on, I went into her room to see what why she was so quiet, my bag of maxi pads were all opened and sticking to all her baby dolls. She said they all fell off the bed and needed boomie band-aids. I cant remember when I laughed that hard.

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